Panels 2 is a module that uses drag & drop to add content to layouts. It is designed as an API so that modules can use these displays to customize their own areas, and we're working toward fully integrating this solution into Drupal 7.

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Bricks 8.x-1.3 just released!

Bricks 8.x-1.3 just released!

Draggable Entity tree, Inline Entity Form, Revisions and Paragraphs support!

Bootstrap 4 (!) support as a separate module!

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Newb: OG layout issue using Panels


I’m working on prototyping a charity-type site with a view to getting a proper developer to eventually polish all the rough edges…

I’m using Drupal 7 and Organic groups 2 with Panels 3.5.

I have got as far as allowing a user to create a Group and create posts and blog posts within that Group but I want to control the layout of the Group page properly using ‘Panels’.

At the moment the page in question has a three column layout something like this:

| Content Create links | Main Group description and blurb | Empty column|
| + Blog entry |
| + Post |

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How can I change the position of panel page's title?

I do not want the page's title show on the topest as default, and wonder if there is a way to put the title in a pane?

Somebody know this please kindly advise. Thanks a lot!

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Can you Pass an Argument from One Pane to Another?

This seems like it should be doable but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

I am trying to pass an NID from one pane to another on a front page using page manager and panels for layout. Specifically, there is a node in a Feature Box on the front page of the site that the client can populate by adding a node to a nodequeue. That nodequeue can accept several differnet content types: Lets say Events and Articles can be added to the queue.

There is also another pane on the front page which has a view "Next Event". So the next event will automatically appear in that panel.

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How to stage changes to panels layout or content

We've got a site built on Panopoly and we are needing to build lots of landing pages and sometime stage content changes to our panels pages and panelized nodes. This is really hard since we can't find anyway to save a draft revision of a panels layout, and it's also hard to work with fieldable panel panes. We installed Node Clone module to help with building new pages, and while panelizer seems to handle that well, it doesn't clone the fieldable panels panes, so editing those on the cloned pages also update those panes on the original page.

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Use multiple panels layouts on a panels page


Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on the concept of having a custom panels page that can utilize multiple panels layouts.

I.E. Stack each layout on top of each other.

This would allow site builders to create their own custom page layouts without having a themer to build out every possible combination.

It would also prevent themers from having to create those layouts that have way to many rows just to accommodate that one use case of a one-off page having lots of rows.

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Preprocess Page content in panelizer

I need to alter some of the $markup output from a panelizer node page? but hook_page_preprocess(&page) is giving me only $page['content']["system_main"]["content"]['#markup'] in rendered format thats why i cant change any of the desired html tags?how can i change this #markup? out of the content key of the $page array, there is node['panelizer']['page_manager']['display']['content'] but changing it dsm the change but output is not effected?what i am missing?or does panels or panelized pages dont preprocess like normal node pages?

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Panel selection rules


I got a problem that I've been trying to find a solutions to for quite some time now but so far I've come up empty.

I'm making a site based on Organic Groups. Each group has the same layout and content types and the group layout is a 3 coloumn layout with views for each content type in the 2nd and 3rd coloumn. The 1st coloumn has a group menu, og extra node-links and some other general group content.

The url for each group is:

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Edit Page Override works but read-only vs edit attributes shown

Can someone advise on why or how to fix panel implemention (6.x) where I have it all configured and would be working properly except that when I click to edit, the content shows as if it were "view" vs. "edit" meaning the attributes show read-only values vs. exposed input boxes for edit. Advice?

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Edit Page Override works but read-only vs edit attributes shown

Can someone advise on why or how to fix panel implemention (6.x) where I have it all configured and would be working properly except that when I click to edit, the content shows as if it were "view" vs. "edit" meaning the attributes show read-only values vs. exposed input boxes for edit. Advice?

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Default Site Template vs Node Template

Hi I am just getting into Panels for a client site.

I am using Panels and Panels Everywhere and Mini Panels along with the AT Panels Everywhere theme.

What is the basic difference between the "Default site template" (site_template) and "Node template" (node_view)?

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Where to view all nodes that have overridden panel layouts/content via IPE?

Is there a path that displays nodes with overridden panel layouts/content via the in-place-editor?

Thanks, Jason.

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Panels, Panels Everywhere, Panelizer and caching. How much and how granular?

I'm currently moving a fairly large site off of a poor execution of Display Suite, and onto Panels, Panels Everywhere, and Panelizer.

The site has around 800 nodes, many many views, and lot's of different functionalities that make it heavy already. I'm concerned that moving to pure panels is going to slow it down even more.

With Panels caching abilities, how much is too much? Should I cache every view, field, pane, layout and variant? Would it be redundant to do that? In other words, is caching a panel pane doing the same work as caching each individual field inside the pane as well?

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Panels and Drupal 8

I would like to ask if panels will be ported to Drupal 8.Or maybe this job is done by the Blocks and Layouts initiative?

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Updating Panel on Widget change

When building add/edit forms, in panels content like "View Panes" tokens can be set to drive the content shown, for example depending on the value of another field.

Is it possible to go beyond that and have the content updated not on the field value but on the widget value? (i.e. for example the selected value of a list)

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Override default taxonomy term page with Panel page

Does anyone know to override default taxonomy term page path with panel page? I like to use taxonomy menu in my site but instead of using default behavior of taxonomy, I want to use panel for each taxonomy term. I don't know if it is possible or not. Please help.

Thank you.

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Enabling "Read More" for node teaser in Panels

I have a panel 3 node-template set to show content of of type Event with the pane set to show the Teaser. The "read more" link is present but has no effect, i.e., clicking it simply causes the current panel page to be redisplayed.

This kinda makes sense however what I want to happen is to either show the same panel page with the full node content or switch to a different page layout showing the full node.

Is it a matter of specifying a different panel variant for each context and if so how do I go about setting the context?

I'm running Drupal 7, Panels 3. All advice/pointers welcome

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Create a dynamic context driven panel

I have contents type Event and EventBlog, EventBlog entries contain an entity reference to the associated Event.

(I'm using Drupal 7, Panels 3 and Entity reference.

I want to create a two pane panel with Event on the left and the associated EventBlog on the right. This will be the main Event page so should be triggered by content type=Event.

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Comment in Panels

Hi, I'm using Panels to customize my "Article" content type nodes.

In order to get a better control over css id/class, I decide to tear "Article" apart into entities/fields and combine them together again with Views and Panels. The Content part is easy, I can pull all the information I need with Views and set the css id/class individually.

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The 'real' how to create a multilingual panels page

I have searched far and wide to make this happen. But not even one is reliable. Right now the only way that I can do this is create two pages, one in English and another one in Malay. Had to use translation paths to connect these two pages.

Any better idea or way to do this instead of creating two different panel page?

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