Toronto December Meetup

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2007-12-13 18:30 - 20:30 Canada/Eastern

Brave the ice and snow and join us for some warming Drupal fun in what should be a packed meeting! We're going to begin the meeting with a presentation, discussion from Bob Fabian about his work rolling out Drupal for CIPS - Canada's Association for IT Professionals. (click "read more" for full details).

We'll also spend some time talking more about the upcoming Drupal 6 release, specifically (by request) some of the developer API changes that will be required for upgrading modules to the next version.

Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm Thursday December 13th
Location: Centre for Social Innovation - 215 Spadina Ave, 4th floor [map]

Drupal and CIPS

CIPS is Canada's Association for IT Professionals. It's been around since 1958 and has accumulated a dog's breakfast of websites at the National, Provincial, and Local level. Money's tight, but something has got to change. We're moving towards an early 2008 launch of a Drupal environment for the society's websites. Initially, National (, a few Provinces, and selected local Sections will be coming online. This presentation will describe the journey thus far, and the expected future journey.

Bob Fabian is a volunteer with CIPS and chairs the CIPS Web Advisory Panel. Bob was the first Chair of Computer Science at York University and has held senior positions in industry and consulting. He's now a (semi-retired) independent consultant. He has published dozens of articles in the trade press and is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences. (


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Links to Drupal SEO Tutorial and Tips you asked for

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There are many Search Engine Optimization articles out there, but the this one is absolutely the best in the context of Drupal CMS: Drupal SEO Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Tips and Help. It helped me position my wife's GTA Real Estate Website on the top of Google Directory for Richmond Hill (and I still keep coming back to it).

In the 2nd SEO article, which is not Drupal specific, section #3 "Your Link Building Strategy" is especially interesting. But, I may be biased because I also like to "give away free stuff like software" (I've created a few Google Gadgets linking back to Jasmina's Website).

The question about URL changes, multiple aliases to the same node is answered in a cluster of articles I bookmarked while trying to preserve Google Page Rank of about Jasmina page after optimizing it for search engines (still don't know it will work).

Modules you'll need to boost your Search Engine Ranking are listed in Top SEO modules for your Drupal website. (I am sill not using RobotsTxt & Alinks.)

Technical Support
Taking stress out of Real Estate

Is there are meeting this month?

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Hello I just wanted to check in and see if there was a meeting in January?


Same here...

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... wanted to see if there's going to be some kind of group Road trip to Boston for DrupalCon...

sure is!


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