Boston Drupal Meetup - February 20, 2008 @ 7:00 pm

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2008-02-20 19:00 - 21:00 EST
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User group meeting

Our beloved Boston group is once again meeting. We'll be discussing volunteer opportunities for our upcoming major Drupal event: Drupalcon Boston 2008. In addition,

Lightning Talks

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to present for 5 minutes on a topic of their choosing. You may show off your Drupal site, ask some questions of the audience, give a module demonstration, share some marketing ideas for Drupal, and so on. Just keep it brief. No expertise required - just do it.

We will be hosted by the Berkman Center at Harvard University. Follow that link for directions. We are meeting upstairs in the Berkman Conference Room

After the meetup, some of us will likely continue the conversation over dinner at a local restaurant.

If you arrive late, you might need a cell phone to enter the building. We may not be able to prop the door open so you'd have to call the number posted on the door and we'll come open the door for you.


a reminder for our meetup

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Just a reminder that we are scheduled to meet on Tuesday. See you there.

Do you mean Tuesday Feb 19?

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The event is dated (Wed) Feb. 20, but I think we're really meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19, right?

Erik Britt-Webb

Erik Britt-Webb

oops - i meant wednesday - feb 20

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big oops. the meetup is wednesday the 20th, and not tuesday night as i recently said.

Bummer, I'm out of town on

ebrittwebb's picture

Bummer, I'm out of town on Wednesday and can't make it.

Erik Britt-Webb

ugh, time change. meeting at ** 7pm **

moshe weitzman's picture

amazingly, i just saw a change request from berkman center. we are now meeting at 7pm, not 6pm. And the date is still WED Feb 20. Hope that is all the reminders.


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OK, I didn't intend to serve as scribe to last night's meetup... But, after recording my notes on my blog, I figured I should come here and share. This is by no means complete, we covered a lot of ground...

My Lightning Talk was on my collaborative knowledge base project at the day job. The Node Auto Term (NAT) module was pointed out as an potential substitute for the book module.

David mentioned an issue he has having with Automatic Nodetitle (the string "0" turning into a null) - it uses the Token module, which I've just signed up to co-maintain along with pathauto, so I want to take a quick look at that (if I can squeeze another ten minutes out of the next couple of weeks...).

Picked up on SuperGenPass, looks like a good alternative to using the same password for all those little test sites I create...

chx is in town, and gave us a quick demo of simpletest. As a module developer, it seems like a good idea (before even adding your own tests) to use it to make sure your contributed module doesn't break anything outside of its own domain.

Douglas followed with a demo of Eclipse integration, bringing you right to the line of code where simpletest failed.

Somewhere along the line a DrupalDojo screencast on Drupal 6 Theming was mentioned, I will need to check that out (along with several others).

Actually, that probably came up as Moshe updated us on Drupal 6 (a nation turns its lonely eyes to Views) and Drupalcon Boston (registration already about 50% above Barcelona).

Lisa is looking for some help with the location module.

Maureen is doing cool stuff with forms (group of toggles, including an Other with a text field). Not to mention the Drupal-themed cupcakes to celebrate the big 6...

Andreas spoke on embedding media.

And, I saved the most personally intriguing for last... Ari talked about the challenges of importing 2000+ HTML pages into Drupal, to many a sympathetic ear. Moshe opined that a specialist in the dirty work of content migration might really clean up. As I'm re-entering the consulting world, that perked my ears up. On the day job I was involved in a major data migration (from one HR/Payroll system to another), and learned a lot about fitting square data into round rows. Definitely an avenue I will look into pursuing...

Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan

thanks for that!

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I was very sad to miss this meetup. Thanks for the writeup!

The idea of using NAT as an alternative to book module sounds very interesting. Can you say more? The collaborative knowledgebase also sounds great.

And here is a photo of one

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And here is a photo of one of the delicious cupcakes:

Only local images are allowed.

Looks Nice

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This cupcake look really delicious, I'll eat 5 one time if it here now :)

Great update

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Great update for those of us who missed. Thanks Mike!

Erik Britt-Webb

Erik Britt-Webb


mike booth's picture

I can't believe I missed the cupcakes and chx.

Thanks a lot for the informative update, though.


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