Call for devrooms Fosdem 2011

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Fosdem launched its call for developer rooms for Fosdem 2011 (taking place 5 & 6 februari 2011 in Brussels).

As last year, the Fodem organizers prefer that the room will not be exclusively about one opensource project (e.g. "drupal") but about one topic (e.g. "CMS")

The deadline for the proposal will be October 166, 2010.

Will we be organizing a Drupal-room in February?


I missed the meetup in CPH

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I missed the meetup in CPH around the drupalcamp subject.
The last thing i remembered was that it would be a cool idea to organise DrupalDevDays in VUB on 4&5 feb. [1 day overlap]
And put posters or advertisement at the fosdem premises
If we would go on with drupalcamp plan, i guess we don't need fosdem rooms, but keep them open for other subjects.

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there is a lot of discussion

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there is a lot of discussion going on at the moment about organizing a drupalcamp and / or devdays in belgium in the next couple of months, so let's see what the outcome will be

4/5 feb has been announced as a drupal event during the closing session in cph, so we are kind of forced to come up with something, but we still have to discuss the whats, hows en whos of this whole operation

we are working on getting rooms at the VUB

it is clear that there is widespread enthousiasm and support for another Belgian event

we will have to post a summary of all that was discussed on the g.d.o/belgium page so that everyone can give his opinion ...

breaking with a great

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breaking with a great tradition we will not apply for a fosdem devroom this year

but there is good news as well:

we are planning a 3 day drupal event in brussels from thursday Feb 3 until Saturday Feb 5. This overlaps Fosdem on one day and will be at a location near (20 minute stroll) from Fosdem.

More info can be found here:


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the not-the-drupal-dev-room-at-fosdem-event has its own website now: