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Centralized and Shared ECommerce Platform

This is slightly off-topic, since it's not specific to Drupal.

I'm curious if anyone has implemented a centralized e-commerce platform for use through your institutions’ various sites. The cost of re-rolling out unique site-specific implementations that meet compliance requirements is considerable.

The thought of creating links to an centralized (and controlled by Finance) seems like a winner, all around.

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LimeSurvey integration and more


While there are a handful of options (such as webform, Quiz module, etc) that can do some survey work, Drupal still does not have a robust and full scale survey module yet.

LimeSurvey is a powerful and open source survey application that comes with many features.


1) Integrate Drupal with LimeSurvey
2) Extend the functionality beyond simple integration.

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3rd Party, User Generated Video Gallery?

Hey all,

I'd like random users to be able to publish a video to youtube, blip, or whatever other service, and then we'd suck those videos into video galleries on our site.

What service should I use for that, and how would I have folks tag or sort their information so that we could grab it and create galleries in the same way I'd use emfield to suck in Flickr galleries or something.

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