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Any easy tutorials for Beginners?

Hi everybody,

Before I go ahead, let me apologize for being a new comer to the world of semantic web and drupal .. may be some of you might find it funny .. but I have spent the last few hours installing the Drupal Modules relations-6.x-1.0-alpha5 , rdf-6.x-1.0-alpha5 , sparql-6.x-1.0-alpha1 and exhibit-6.x-1.0-alpha2 and reading about semantic web , I have understood the subject - predicate - Object logic .. have designed the RDF logic on paper , created two node types in Drupal ... however I am struggling to establish the relation between them in Drupal.

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Field of applications with RDF, Sparql & Co?

Reading into the area of semantic web applications, rdf, owl, etc. let me wonder about the lack of information you can get of the current state of development in this area. There doesn't seem to be a wide range of applications using OWL or even RDF. Therefore I'd like to know, what range you use rdf, owl & co for? Especially, how do you/ can imagine to, use Drupal for fürther applications?

My current project

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URI Widget for cck

I'm wondering if somebody has developed a URI widget for CCK? I think it would be an extension of the link module. Another option is to just have a text field with a URI filter rather than a URL filter. Does anybody have any pointers? I'm working on a project that will hopefully integrate with the semantic web and we'd like to be able to link to external content using the extended URI protocols rather than URLs. IANA maintains a list of URI protocols.


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PurpleNumbers helps Addressability

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How to mark up Drupal's update status feed with better RDF?

The update status feed that produces is marked up with the Dublin Core namespace. This is, I suppose, a "good thing", but essentially useless information in the absence of anything else more meaningful. How would we represent this information in an ideal world? What can be done with existing schemas and vocabularies?

Here's a snippet:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


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The Future of E-commerce

First of all, thanks to Mike for starting up this group. : )

I want to think about this more in the future, but I thought I'd send out an initial ping as something I want to address in Ubercart beginning with Drupal 7. Basically, my question is what is the future of e-commerce in a semantic web? How can e-commerce change and evolve as we move forward?

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State of the Semantic Web and US Federal Government Ontologies


I've been working with semantic web technologies for about five years now and wanted to engage the drupal community on two issues: a) a set of ontologies that specify the functions of the U.S. Federal government and b) a post I recently published called the state of the semantic web: representation and realism.

The ontologies are based on what's called the Federal Enterprise Architecture and are available here ...

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Drupal and the semantic web

UPDATE: Cancelled - I don't have time to prepare for this :(

This is a BoF discussion that is planned for August 24, 2008 at 15:15 - 16:30 as a part of the FrOSCon conference in Sankt Augustin, Germany.

This BoF discussion will focus on what semantic web tools are available to Drupal, including:

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Open Kalaif vs. Open Calais

Just read this article - does anyone know more about this Open Kalaif or is it just a reporter in a hurry with a spelling mistake? Did a google search on and nothing turned up . .

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Neologism, easy RDFS vocabulary publishing

FOAF, DC, SIOC, SKOS are famous vocabularies commonly used in the Semantic Web. Many other custom vocabularies exist and are created everyday. Vocabularies play an important role in the Semantic Web as they enable interoperability across various RDF data sources, and are used by RDF publisher and consumers who refer to them in their data.

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