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Recommendation used project openpublish

Hi guys,
I have question, Does you recommend openpublish made website high traffic? review open publish are version beta.

Thanks you..

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Display articles by author broken

I'm running the most recent version of OP distribution on D7. I've updated all the modules and core manually because of the lag time between the last distribution update and now.

The block/box we were using to display articles specific to an author on the authors profile doesn't seem to work anymore. No matter what variation of contextual filters and relationships I can't get the block to display articles by the author. Obviously you can't make a block for each individual profile on the site.

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Create articles from Feed

I'm creating an online newspaper with the latest version of OpenPublish. I'm not clear how to create articles from a feed. The documentation and tutorials that I've seen seem to apply to OpenPublish 1.0. Can someone direct me to the applicable documentation for this feature ?

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Strict Error in OP for Drupal 6

I have this message but haven't been able to find a solution. What should I do to fix it?

strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in /var/www/[...]/sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/openpublish_menu/openpublish_menu.module on line 34.


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Photoswipe Not Working on Galleries

In the last few days, my galleries have stopped working. Photoswipe isn't starting when clicking on a photo. Any suggestions?

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Youtube OP Video is broken

Over the last 36 hour, all my youtube videos have broken.
When I create an OP Video using vimeo in the URL, it's fine
When I create OP Video using youtube in the URL, it does not worl.
When I try embed using wyziwig video filter (iframe) youtube doesn't work.
When I try embed using source-old embed code- youtube will show up.

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Is Drupal 7.x OpenPublish distribution ready?

Hello There,

I can have Drupal 7.18 installed at my server, but I thought that it would a Drupal core site not OpenPublish distribution. I installed Drupal 7.18 from my server, deleted it and installed the OpenPublish version I am having problems with this installation of OpenPublish but the look is exactly the same as it was the Drupal 7.18 from the server.

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OpenPublish Installation

I downloaded OpenPublish (, unzipped it and transferred the whole content to the server. I created a database with the admin user and open the site on the browser. Immediately it opens up a welcome page with a login panel. If I click on “create a user” I get “internal error”; if I click on “create an account” or “forgot password” I get “500 Internal Server Error (Internal Server Error: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

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OpenPublish and E-Journal

Hello There!

I am getting ready to install OpenPublish for the first time and this is my first Drupal installation ever. I was using OJS; this afternoon I learned about Drupal E-Journal and tonight I discovered Drupal OpenPublish. I want to publish initially one single journal and need to be able to create DOI for each article and metadata information to submit to OCLC.

My first question: 1) Do I need to install module E-Journal on to OpenPublish distribution?

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How do I remove the default Profile so I can replace it with Profile2?

Hi, I'm creating a new OpenPublish site and I need to remove the default Profile content type. I find it a bit clunky to keep adding "Author" when creating content. And I need users of the site to be able to create content as well, hence I need the Profile to be automatically connected to the account.

I found Profile2 and actually have it installed and working.

the problem is I can't see how I can remove the Profile content type. There is no delete button in the Content Type listing.

I have also uninstalled the openpublish Author and Phase2 Profile modules.

can anyone help?

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