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Drupal Dates off by timezone offset, after upgrading date module

Just a quick note of how we resolved an issue related to an upgrade to Date.

We recently updated Date in our core distribution to date-7.x-2.9-beta1 and on one site, we had a number of date fields set up as just "Date". After the update, the display of all of these ended up 7 - 8 hours off -- when you edit the node, it shows up with the correct time, and when you display the node, it's off by 8 hours.

8 hours happens to be our current timezone offset from UTC, and 7 hours is the offset during Daylight Savings Time, so this immediately made me think it was a timezone offset problem.

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Timed-Out Presentation - Views, Dates and Arguments

I was scheduled for a Lighting Talk last night, but the group ran out of time before we got there. The talk was titled "Views, Dates, and Arguments". It concerns a (known) bug I encountered in the Dates module when working with Views and Arguments. A discussion of the issue and my slides are on my blog at

After Dark I discussed this with Ashok. He had encountered this error in the Spring and used the patch fix. I welcome further discussion here about recommended solutions.

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Can Rules do this?

I have a node with a date field. For this discussion let's assume that the value in the date field is 1/1/2010. I would like to check all the nodes (of a particular content type) and, once that date is equal to or greater then x number of days from today, send an email to someone. Obviously, each node would have a different date as populated at the time the node was created. I want to iterate through the nodes and if the node date is equal to or greater then x number of days from today, do something like send an email.

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