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Tools to help decide when to upgrade to Drupal 8

In this week’s weekly Drop An article titled “D8Upgrade.org A Community Service That Tells You When To Upgrade Your Site To Drupal 8” got my eye and here it is.

Free module upgrade status notifications, tailored to your site

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Problemas con CCK (y/o Views) al migrar de D6 a D7

Hola, ¿cómo están? Espero que este sea el lugar adecuado para pedir ayuda con el problema que tengo.
Estoy actualizando un viejo sitio web, hecho en Drupal 6, a Drupal 7.
Lo primero que hice fue crear en un subdominio una réplica del sitio original, que está en línea, para hacer todo el trabajo allí, por si surgía algún error. Creo que fue una excelente idea, porque surgieron errores, y no los he podido corregir.

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Drupal Dates off by timezone offset, after upgrading date module

Just a quick note of how we resolved an issue related to an upgrade to Date.

We recently updated Date in our core distribution to date-7.x-2.9-beta1 and on one site, we had a number of date fields set up as just "Date". After the update, the display of all of these ended up 7 - 8 hours off -- when you edit the node, it shows up with the correct time, and when you display the node, it's off by 8 hours.

8 hours happens to be our current timezone offset from UTC, and 7 hours is the offset during Daylight Savings Time, so this immediately made me think it was a timezone offset problem.

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Drupal Multisite Platform Upgrade Support | American Booksellers Association

Employment type: 
Not allowed

A book industry non-profit based in White Plains, NY is looking for individuals with experience using an open source web-based Content Management System (CMS) to work by contract on a temporary project through 31 March 2015. The project involves assisting association staff with upgrading individual e-commerce websites within a multisite platform from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

Job Requirements
Consistent availability through 31 March, exact hours and schedule to be determined.
CMS experience
Drupal experience strongly preferred
Knowledge of HTML and CSS a plus

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Passing along: maintenance on existing Drupal sites.

Hi all,

A local business owner inquired with one of my colleagues about getting help with a couple of Drupal sites. If you are available to help or know a Drupal developer who is, contact Mark at markstephensyoga.com.

I have two developed/live Drupal sites that need new development and tune-ups, and I am planning a new third site. Links to both live sites are below.

What do they/I need?
Fix some of CMS issues.
Add new functions:
- Some pages to require user accounts, roles and permissions;

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Barracuda upgrading between OS releases, do-release-upgrade

I've got some servers that are running Ubuntu Natty 11.04. This release is no longer supported and its repos have been taken offline (i.e. aptitude full-upgrade can do nothing), however, I've got update-manager-core installed and do-release-upgrade is offering to upgrade to Oneiric. Oneiric is also EOL, but its repos are still available so I do have a path to an LTS release.

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Teste de upgrade Drupal 7 para 8


A ANSOL (para quem não saiba Associação Nacional para o Software Livre https://ANSOL.org/ ) tem estado contente com o Drupal e tem vários sites na mesma infraestrutura bem como uma boa variedade de módulos inclusive o fabuloso CiviCRM.

Estamos por isso claramente interessados em que o upgrade para Drupal 8 possa correr bem, mas como não somos peritos vamos perder imenso tempo a tentar perceber se algum eventual erro é asneira nossa ou bug de upgrade mesmo.

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Upgrade discussion

We had a small group at our meetup in Lawrence last night, but an excellent discussion.

We talked about different upgrade methods:

  • The normal way, where you disable all modules, remove sites/all/modules, replace D6 files with D7 files (except for sites folder), and then run update.
  • The drush way, with drush site-upgrade
  • Starting fresh with a D7 site and importing
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Alternative "no down time" workflow for upgrading Drupal or modules

I manage a public transportation website that is accessed 24 hours a day. Also, as a government agency, we are trying to minimize overtime, so late-hour maintenance is problematic. It is not feasible for me to take the website down in order to make upgrades. I would like to vet the proposed upgrade workflow with the Drupal community:

  1. Rather than taking the site off-line, take only updates off-line. Only the administrator doing the update could sign on.
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What is the most recommended solution for someone who wants to go live right now but prepare for the future?

May I ask: For a developer who wants a live (D7) site, can they theoretically use audiofield, video, and any one of the image modules to let users attach and display rich media in posts now while reasonably expecting a future path to integration with the media module? - I want users to be able to add audio, video, or images in whatever format and then presented to the site viewers. I'm confused as to whether media can do any of this now. I would also like to have them transcoded to mp3 or h.264 but I don't believe this is possible at this moment correct?

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