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Drupal Dates off by timezone offset, after upgrading date module

Just a quick note of how we resolved an issue related to an upgrade to Date.

We recently updated Date in our core distribution to date-7.x-2.9-beta1 and on one site, we had a number of date fields set up as just "Date". After the update, the display of all of these ended up 7 - 8 hours off -- when you edit the node, it shows up with the correct time, and when you display the node, it's off by 8 hours.

8 hours happens to be our current timezone offset from UTC, and 7 hours is the offset during Daylight Savings Time, so this immediately made me think it was a timezone offset problem.

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Organizing evenents across timezones, adjusting user timezone

I am currently working on http://www.nobleprog.com site.
The idea is to make "time discovery" process as easy as possible. Usually we spend a lot of time trying to find suitable time for the trainer and the delegates. It is even more complicated if it is a distance course.
So, so far when a person books the course, they propose the time, then the time is accepted or adjusted by the trainer and then goes back to the client.

Of course each time is presented in "users timezone".
My question is:

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Fixing timezones in Drupal / Date

This is the infamous "off by one error" that we see from daylight savings time, etc. I sat down and discussed this with KarenS and also briefly mentioned it to Dries about a good candidate for Drupal 6. Unfortunately, didn't have enough time to get it in as a Google Summer of Code project.

I'm going to try and explain this -- KarenS, please correct me if I'm wrong.

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New module - autotimezone

I have activated autotimezone module so all you lazy folks like me will get properly adjusted timestamps for free. it even follows daylight savings as long as your have a modern OS that changes your clock for you.

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