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RPG Achievements

So I have recently implemented and committed RPG Achieve in the RPG module series for Drupal. This allows games to record achievements of players, such as "You have slain 14 dragons", or "You were the first to summit Ploggers Peak". Next in that progression will be RPG Quest, which will allow achievements to be grouped together.

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Games to improve site stickness - recommended modules

I am looking of a way to increase stickness to my Drupal powered business index.
Light games seem like an interesting option.

Some ideas:
1. Random picture => identify the business.
2. Weekly Polls with Prizes.
3. Crossword / Puzzle module (e.g. like here).
4. Complete tasks to earn points.

Which modules do you recommend?
And do you have other game ideas which encourage stickness?

Thanks in advance,


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Arm Yourself!

There's combat now! Well, in a manner of speaking.

If you create a character at, you can also try to hit other characters. Nothing beyond notifications of hit or miss really happen right now. But you can pick up wiffle bats you might see lying around. Or even experiment with making your own.

NOTE: In the last message, I mislead you. When creating the PC, you have to insert your UID for the PC value, not the number 1. Again, make sure to give yourself a location too, or you'll be in limbo.

You can certainly game the system (such as it is right now). For instance, there are fields for attack and defend skills, which are pretty generic. Soon, that will be out of the realm of character creation, or at least not without using character points or something.

Here's a screenshot (click for full view), where you can also see a hint of some fancy jquery in the right sidebar:

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Steam Drupal Group

For those of you Drupal gamers out there who are on Steam:

The Steam Drupal Group

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Project Page Updated

I just updated the RPG project page with a more current description. To add to the discussion, I'm cross-posting the juicy parts here and at Drupal RPG. (Sorry in advance for the spam if you're subscribed to the three posted groups...)


The engine itself does little more than provide a core to build a game with. Although it is intended to be for online RPG's, there is no reason the base couldn't be expanded to create other types of games, such as Turn-Based Strategy games, RTS games, or even slidescrollers. The engine is able to do this by providing basic functionality for administrators to create, use, and share 'rulesets'.

Rulesets are definitions of the Types, Attributes, and Actions used to create in-game objects. They may be created in forms available to game administrators, and may also be imported/exported from forms or even files. RPG Object Types follow inheritance rules, and may even include multiple parents, allowing types to share and even override attributes and actions.

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Drudge is the first Ruleset I'm designing, to give an idea of how things will evolve. From the include file:

*  Drudge -- Drupal RPG Universal DIY Gaming Engine
*  This ruleset borrows liberally from F.U.D.G.E.
*  which is an open source generic RPG ruleset.
*  Read more at wikipedia[1]


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After actions are done, the next concept I want to tackle are Rulesets. Games built with the RPG will have a Ruleset, which may be unique to the site, shared with other sites, or a combination. Rulesets are the Actions, Events, and basic Objects that build the world for that site. They may be imported and exported, either through a form text area or with an include file. Once in the site, they may be customized using the various administration screens.

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Senior PHP Programmer | Large Animal Games

Not allowed

Large Animal Games makes high quality, award-winning games for the PC and Mac. We are a small but fast growing company that is oriented towards innovation, quality, and team play. Personal growth and personal responsibility are key ingredients of our company culture. Everyone at our company, regardless of their role, has opportunities to contribute creatively and make their mark on the final product. Our goal is to make this the best place any of us will ever work.

We're looking for an experienced php programmer to develop the backend for new online games and game communities. The ideal candidate will be able to code quickly and clearly, as well as plan and execute designs for large online applications that including multiplayer games and community features. Want to create enterprise quality code that actually makes people happier? You’ve come to the right place.

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Developer/Project Manager | The Evasion Foundation

Employment type: 

We're a nonprofit in need of developers for several drupal projects. Here's a few of them. Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Send questions and applications to

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Developer/Project Manager | Evasion Ventures

Employment type: 
Part time

I am looking for Drupal developers interested in producing an identity game based in an online social networking system. I can provide for interested parties a pitch for a televised version that has been making its showbiz rounds about a week now. However, before you get the wrong idea about my intentions, let me assure you that the online game is not solely a vehicle for attracting the attention of producers and television audiences. I came to this idea while trying to conceive of the basis for an open source social networking platform.

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