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Module for quiz/poll/thingy game form?

Hi all,
I am trying to create a poll/quiz/thingy to our site that allows a user to fill out a form only to receive a 'calculated' result which you'll often find on entertainment sites, etc.

What AM I talking about? See here:

What magazine do you like to read? | O Watchdog | O Spa Magazine | O Magazines?
Who is you favorite super hero? | O Batman | O Spungebob | O Hulk, smash

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Automating badges for specific/correct answers

I am interested in using Drupal as the platform for an alternate reality game (ARG), where people are asked to complete narrative-related missions (e.g. completing mobile-phone-aided scavenger hunts, decrypting mysterious notes, creating zany steampunk inventions in answer to a prompt and posting photographs of their work).

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looking for volunteers for Drupal MMO gaming platform.

Hi all, I'm looking for help to develop the Real Time Strategy Game framework. Currently there are several topics that I need to cover, but as I'm developing the framework I'm unable to handle alone. RTSG project has two main development lines: framework development, and a demonstration game.

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Game design for demo game of drupalrtsg

I do have previously implementations of games using rtsg framework, but to be honest, they are not complete, nor very well balanced or are stripped copies of online games (travian and ogame). In order to build a demonstration site I'm open the game design and goals to discussion, so feel free to drop your idea of what kind of game do you like to be testing.

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Finally I can take the time to start a clean up and go committing some of all the stuff involving the rtsg framework. Following aaron's steps, I just created a .net domain where I'd like to include also games built with rtsg framework (once it is finally published). Now I do also have additional help from the spanish channel, so I think the cleanup process will be quickly done.

The bard part is that I've to completely rename and review module namespaces (as it changed from drtsg to rtsg, and that requires a hard review).

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Tournament System

I'm in the process of finishing up a CS degree like many others. One thing that I have always done while working on class work, or even since I first was introduced to a computer was gaming, or competing. This is anything from pool, bowling, boxing, and the good old fashion clan/team battle in a rpg(role playing game) or fps(first person shooter) game. It is fun and one of the most time consuming elements is being able to record wins / losses and all the little things that people get fired up about.

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Steam Drupal Group

For those of you Drupal gamers out there who are on Steam:

The Steam Drupal Group

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Map: visual and computational scalability

The proposal for a 'Map Engine'

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