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A coalition of the willing

I would urge everyone contributing or even those just tracking this Drupal Group to visit this site, watch the film and reflect on whether there is something here that the our Transition Drupal project can contribute to in some way:

I'm not sure but the third section proposes a three-pronged website strategy involving a social network spanning local, regional, national and global levels to connect climate change solutions to those in need. I know it's not precisely what we're doing but is there something here worth exploring?

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70 beautiful Drupal sites

Who said that Drupal sites are ugly? Take a look at 70 outstanding sites a an inspiration and a proof that Drupal can be beautiful.

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Non-Drupal inspirations for research and learning

I've just come across the fantastic software for social bookmarking for academics Connotea (see and started thinking about the many great projects out there which we could either learn from or integrate into Drupal. Of course, there are some obvious candidates such as Moodle, Elgg, Gallery2 that we all know about. But what about services such as Shelfari or LibraryThing? So I thought I'd start a thread where we could talk about what others are doing and how we can benefit from their hard work.

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