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Acquia Drupal Training Sessions in Boston: June 6-7 & 8-9

Acquia is offering two very affordable ($25) Drupal training sessions in Boston in June!

June 06 - 07 Rocking Drupal - Crash Course for Developers

June 08 - 09 Module Development & Theming for Drupal Rockstars

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Register Today! In Person Drupal 6 Training at University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus - May 13-22

Want to learn more about Drupal? northStudio (http://www.northStudio.com) is proud to announce the following Drupal courses, which are being held at the University of Toronto Mississauga:

May 13: Drupal in a Day (Beginner) - http://www.drupalschoolhouse.ca/courses/drupal-day
May 14-15: Beginning Drupal for Site Builders (Beginner) - http://www.drupalschoolhouse.ca/courses/beginning-drupal-site-builders-c...
May 17-18: Introduction to Drupal Theming (Intermediate) - http://www.drupalschoolhouse.ca/courses/intro-drupal-theming-course

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Grant for free tuition for 8 week course to build your own Drupal site.

At New Media Solutions our specialty is working with social entrepreneurs and innovative nonprofits. We think Drupal is an amazing and powerful tool for innovative websites that make the world a better place. We are offering these grants to encourage its use.

We are giving out two Grants worth $450 each to people who have an innovative idea for a website that will have a positive social impact. If you have such an idea you are eligible to apply. (Projects can be for-profit, nonprofit, sponsored by an organization or independent.)

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Welcome to the new group -- Introductions

Hi. Please introduce yourself.

I've been building Drupal sites since 2005 and recently decided to focus my work on training. I've put together an 8 week intensive online Drupal training course. I'm finishing up the first course and offering two more. There's also more about about me on that page.

I started this group to connect and share with other Drupal Trainers.

Please tell us a little about your self below.


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Drupal Training for Drupal 6

Leveraging Your Existing Drupal 6 Website Workshop

Hall of Champions in Balboa Park
Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Only 12 seats left
Price $99 (Lunch not provided)
Signup via comment box below

So you are managing a Drupal 6 site! Learn how to leverage the tools and capabilities and harness Drupal power for yourself and your organization. Learn the basics of increasing functionality, extending current modules and features, and what's possible.

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Drupal training

Hi all,

I am completely new to drupal and have really only created sites using HTML and in dreamweaver and i need to learn about drupal.
Does anyone know of any training courses available (preferably in Sydney but not limited to) or the best sites for online tutorials or even books.
Any info is greatly appreciated.



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Eight Week Drupal Course starts Wednesday -- a few slots left

I have a few slots left in the 8 week intensive "Mastering Drupal" course that begins this coming Wednesday, March 16th. It's all online, live, and includes building your a site and being part of an online learning community. Its intention is to help participants scale the Drupal learning curve.

If you're a member of the Drupal association you qualify for a ten percent discount.

To learn more: Drupal Training Course

Thank You,

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Drupal Gate Crash Sessions (3 Day hands-on sessions)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

You might be interested to avail of Drupal Training organized by www.opensourceshoppe.com. For more details, view the web-page HERE.

See you there!?!

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Nonprofit Drupal Capacity Building Course

Hi all,

I've been building Drupal sites for nonprofits for seven years. I recently put together an 8 week live online intensive course on mastering Drupal. One of the reasons I did this was to help organizations save money by training their staff to take care of Drupal needs in-house rather than having to pay a professional. I'm also giving a ten percent nonprofit discount.

Learn more: Intensive Drupal Training

Thank you,

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Anyone interested in a study group of sorts?

Recently Katy of SeascapeWebdesign.com, katy5289 on d.o, posted a question about learning how to write modules, http://groups.drupal.org/node/112609. I too want to learn more about writing modules, and php, and jquery, and and and... It is so vital to keep skills up. It seems my skill set was sufficient about 4 months ago, and now I need to step it up some.

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