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Transcoding and audio normalization

I'm trying to setup a workflow with automatic transcoding of ingested files to SD and HD with ffmpeg + audio normalization according to EBU R128 (loudness normalization).

I'm starting this discussion for others to chip in, if you have suggetions for how to best do this or if you are looking to do the same.

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contract drupal developer with lots of video | ffmpeg experience | ajh school

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I maintain a number of sites for a school in NYC. The school is doing its own video transcoding, and has ffmpeg installed + working on its Red Hat Fedora server. There is, however, a problem {I think} with metadata/flvtools b/c when we convert to flv (which is all we're converting to) the scrubber/time display are not showing up in Flowplayer.


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FFMPEG - Install Automatically

Just wanted to drop a line and let others know there are some auto-installation options that might be helpful for ffmpeg newbies. I wrote a small article on one setup and gave some tips. You can view the details here:

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Amherstmedia's Video Ingestion Workflow

After much discussion and the invaluable help of kreynen, darrick and raytiley, work is well underway on a revised Workflow for video ingestion at Amherstmedia.

Essentially: As this diagram shows the mpeg2 files on our Tightrope SX4 Cablecast can be converted to various web-friendly formats via a video encoder.

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Encoding for web


I'm wondering what settings you use for ffmpeg when encoding flash for the web?

Now with JW FLV Player 4.6 that supports bitrate switching we're thinking of starting to use this, to allow for the best possible quality for the bandwidth the user has. But even at higher bitrates there is often "block artefacts", particularly when there are lots of details or movements. I've heard there are postprocessing filters that could improve this, but not sure how to use them.

Our current settings are:

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Seeking help installing FFmpeg

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to install FFmpeg on one's Drupal server, I can find source code but no "Installing FFmpeg For Dummies" documentation. I am not adept at installing from source. I am assuming that someone reading this has done so already and would be able to arrange a time when you could look over my shoulder, hold my hand, etc. while I install FFmpeg so we can use Media Mover.

If you are such a person, please contact me offlist at ranoble at madison dot k12 dot wi dot us

Thanks :)

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Drupal Developer | Personal

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I am working on a project where we have to allow users to upload any video file type and then convert it to flv on our server and play it using flowplayer. I started working on this, but since I am caught up with some other issues, I am looking for someone who can help out with this. If you are interested, please email me using drupal contact form.

The job expected of you is this:
1. Install all required modules and files on a Windows server for video conversion to FLV
2. Configure Drupal to convert FLV files on the fly

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ffmpeg with metadata using flvtool2

I desperately need a module/patch or any other solutions that are able to help me converting and injecting metadata into the flv files. using ffmpeg_converter.module that requires ffmpeg_wrapper.module to do the job, I like how thin and easy both modules are.

according to my own research, there's only flvtool2 to do the work. i only need to insert an additional command to the ffmpeg command line when converting the file. e.g.
ffmpeg -i %in_file -ar 64 -ab 44.1 -f flv -s 704×576 – | flvtool2 -U stdin %out_file

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channelAustin Open Media System Integration Diagram

I've attached a diagram of channelAustin's Open Media System integration for purposes of sharing how we are integrating Open Media tools with our Synergy Broadcast System. Diagram indicates the three environments - Linux (Ubuntu), Windows, and Mac - and shows the pathways between workstations, encoders, servers, and archive.

The red line indicates a pathway that is incomplete as of this writing.

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OpenPackage Video now supports H.264 video

OpenPackage Video 5.x-3.15 has been released.

The major new feature of this release is MP4 encoding with H.264 video and AAC audio. These codecs have much higher performance than than the old FLV and MP3. This means you can have the same quality for less bandwidth or higher quality for the same bandwidth.


MP4 encoding is supported both with FFmpeg transcoding on your own server and with the paid transcoding service we offer at openpackage.biz .

This functionality was sponsored by SharkScopers and vertikal.dk .

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