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Problema con CCK e Image_cache

Hola a todos, tengo un problema serio con Image_cache y CCK.
Bueno en resume.
Ya tengo configurados los preset, y las vistas. creando el contenido con devel de prueba con devel, pareciera que no hay problema, pero cuando estoy por crear contenido inédito en la pagina de edit/node esta no se actualiza, se me desaparece la casilla donde debería aparecer el thum de la imagen. lo raro es que la imagen en si, se sube.

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Improved Image Field Module

See preview attached, the FUTURE ajaxy image field module that we should create.

Functionality :

  • Ajax upload, like the upload module, no need to reload the page
  • possibility to choose a FEATURED image, to select which image should be displayed when in a teaser.
  • like image field, possibility to change alt text and title.

    add a CAPTION FIELD ??

  • possibility to re-arrange the order of the images by clicking on the UP and DOWN arrows.

    Maybe even better with a DRAG AND DROP interface to re-arrange the order of the image !

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jonathanwinn's picture in beta - Southern California's Intimate Theatre Guide

This is my first-ever drupal site. I started by trying to duplicate an ASB VBScript site that a long-lost developer did for me. When the old site's database corrupted a few weeks ago, it naturally accelerated my development of the drupal site. I pulled everything together and posted the beta as quickly as I could.

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