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Image upload with headless / decoupled drupal?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle images in a headless drupal 8 install. Using the /entity rest endpoint is not working during serialization as it seems like I need to have a URI for the existing file on the drupal install. I'd like to be able to do everything in one step, if that's possible.

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Desperately Seeking Solution - Views slideshow Gallery with thumbnail slider

I'm working against a deadline and, in addition to a few other problems, I'm struggling to get a gallery slider working properly.

I tried a number of out-of-the-box solutions (Gallerific, Flexslider, Media
Gallery, Views Slideshow, and more. - 3 days of trying and 1 all-nighter), but I can't get them working properly. So, following a buildamodule video, I created my own view using Views Slideshow. (the attached file, 5gallery.jpg, shows the design I'm going for.)

You can see the gallery here:

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Desaparecen los atributos alt y title al publicar una imagen


tengo el problema de que al insertar una imagen en el campo imagen de un tipo de contenido con su alt y su title, al publicarla, estos dos campos desaparecen.

He tenido instalado el modulo media y lo he desinstalado.
¿Puede deberse a eso?
¿Como puedo solucionarlo?

Es una web con bastante contenido y para el SEO es catastrófico.

Gracias por adelantado.

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Wrap text around image-field

Dear All,

I am looking for your help again.

My boss likes to have inside an exciting 'PAGE' content types an 'IMAGE-fields'.
On some pages there will be 1 image placed, some 2,3 or 4 and some even 0.
The idea was that these images will be styled with CSS to the correct place on the page.

Now the problem is that after placing the images, the images will overlap the other content which is written in the 'BODY-field'.

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Avoiding creation of duplicate images during node image upload

Using D7, image cache is enabled

I have a content type "promotions" that contains an image field, among other fields. Users upload an image using the standard "choose file - upload" which comes pre-installed with D7.

However, we often need the same image for multiple promotions. When uploading, Drupal duplicates the image and stores them as


even though they're exactly the same image (filesize, name & all)

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How to add images to postscript regions?

Hi all, first off I want to say that the learning experience using this theme has been incredible! Drupal learning curve its steep but I see its well worth it.

The link above shows all the debugging layout, I want to insert 4 images, on the postscript regions (1 for each region). Those images will contain only a link to a node with more information, so they would act like banners.

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Views slideshow centering

I've been struggling on getting a views slideshow to output it's content in the center of a content area with little success. I'm running into some CSS that I can't figure out where to override.

When inspecting element, it is apart of the row class and is coming from "" and setting a position of absolute. I've done a search for this setting in all views, views slideshow, and pix reloaded theme (using) CSS and tpl files but with no luck on track it down.

Anybody have an idea what I'm missing or where else to look on how to override?

Thanks! :)

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Use Flickr for image hosting for Media Gallery upload?

The Media module image gallery uploader is great: robust, multiple batch uploading.

However I would like to ask if a project is being considered whereby Flickr is used as the hosting of the images?

This would provide 2 benefits:
1) publishing content to a wider audience on more platforms without duplicate effort i.e. to the site and to flickr at the same time
2) reduced bandwidth and filespace used on the hosting - particularly for budget and shared hosting

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Cambiar terminos por imagenes

Hola a todos ,se que sera muy facil pero no se como cambiar el texto de los termino por imagenes despues de exportarlas con views.
la idea es poner una bonita imagen en vez que aparezca el texto, gracias por adelantado

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Action: Display Image?

I'm trying to display an image as part of an Action.
Is my best bet to use Execute Custom PHP Code, and then do something like this:



header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');



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