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mixed fixed and responsive with Zen grids?

Hi there,

I hope this is the best place to post my question, if not please refer me to the proper group / focum or support area! Thank you.

I'm trying to make a responsive (sub theme zen) template using SASS w/ zen grids. I noticed when using the responsive template that it makes the right side bar expand /shrink when you re-size. I only want the main content area to resize. If I set a min-width on the side-bar the percentage margins that zen grids adds breaks the layout.

If I try to set the width in the include statement:

.region-sidebar-second {
//set width to 292px

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Create Wrapper elements to add different background outside of the grid for header,content,footer in Zen5?

Hi Zen people, I have been working with Omega so far and am still learning Zen and can't figure out how to add a simple wrapper element outside of my grid system so I can divide the page background in three sections for example:Page background behind Header is yellow, behind content its red, behind footer its say blue...

Kind of like in the screenshot...

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Need help with a theme problem

I need some help with a theme problem.

I'm getting a horizontal scroll bar and I can't figure out where it's coming from. The site is a fixed-width and should render at 1000px. The page seems to think it's 1897px wide. The site is and is a Zen child theme.

If you can see the problem quickly, please let me know what I've done!

If you're a theming expert, I'd be happy to buy a bit of your time. Let me know what you'd charge.

Thanks much!

-- Steve Stern

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A Simple Zen Sub Theme

I started designing my own drupal theme since drupal 4.x. and have to say Zen is the most efficient tool for theme design. It took me just one hour to convert the following design I made in Adobe Firefox into a real drupal theme with the help of Zen:

Only local images are allowed.

Zen is really wonderful.

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Drupal Developer | Trico Graphics

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 


Trico Graphics of Chicago, IL is accepting immediate proposals to develop an Association web site using Drupal. This will be a concept to completion production assignment. Interested individuals or parties please contact Trico immediately. This is definitely a time sensitive proposal.

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My first Theme Contribution to Drupal!

Dear Fellow Drupalers

Very glad to announce my first theme contribution to Please check out

Gulmohar is a Zen sub-theme, suitable for personal blogs, arts, poetry & literature sites.

Any comments, suggestions, issue / bug reports are welcome!!



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remove underlining in menus

Sorry for asking something so simple but I just cannot find the solution. I am trying to remove the underlining from links in the menus, I know how to do it but I cannot figure out which style sheet to modify. I tried in the zen subtheme standard sheets, also used Firebug to see (which gave me html-elements which I put in the subtheme folder and enabled in .info file) and system-menus; tried to add "textpdecroation: none;" in several places (links, lists etc) but the underlining is still there.


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css code | urbian

Employment type: 

We need some help to build a subtheme.
See the file attached so you can see the design .
please call us at:

gary [at]
+27 21 55 44 049

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