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A showcase of sites built with the Zen theme
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Buscando Waslala: site made with Zen 7.x-3.x

This site was created with Zen 3.x and Drupal 7.x with a fixed layout and 3 columns.

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Pinkney Grunwells Lawyers - Drupal 7 Zen Theme

Built for a client in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. Pretty simple and clean.

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Revista Central - Using Zen for Drupal 6

Heavy customization of Zen Theme for a new nationwide magazine in Mexico with superb design by and

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Zen for our Branding Agency

We've been using Zen on most of our Drupal projects for the past three years at Insfilo Branding Agency, and when its time to redesign our portfolio website on February 2011, we just can't think of any other theme that is both simple and flexible enough to drupalize the design.
Thank you Zen and the Drupal Community :)

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Bunny Smalls - another Zen-fuelled site

Adding my Ubercart/Zen site to the list of sites built on Zen. I'd be interested to hear your feedback. I realised late that I should have created a subtheme rather than hacking Zen itself but that's something I've learned for the future.

I love Zen, by the way. It rocks.

Bunny Smalls ethical handmade lingerie

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Redesigned Site Using Zen 2

Ohio Christian University recently launched Phase I of a site redesign using a Zen 2 subtheme. We're still cleaning up some rough edges and will have additional theming as we roll out some new features, but I thought I'd post here for a friendly critique. When complete, a vanilla version of the subtheme will be contributed to the community. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Another site themed with Zen

Hi there, just wanted to add my site to the list of sites built with a Zen subtheme:

New Jersey Library Champions

Zen rocks, one of the things that makes Drupal outstanding...

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From Zen to Starterkit... lost column layout

Hi all, I just started experimenting with my own Zen subtheme. A stupid problem I can't fix is I lost the 2 column layout in the original Zen theme when I changed to the subtheme. I thought these 2 were supposed to be identical at the start... My navigation now shows on the bottem of the page, after content. How can I solve this?

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A Simple Zen Sub Theme

I started designing my own drupal theme since drupal 4.x. and have to say Zen is the most efficient tool for theme design. It took me just one hour to convert the following design I made in Adobe Firefox into a real drupal theme with the help of Zen:

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Zen is really wonderful.

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New Enviromental sites

Hi there,
this site at is built on the Zen Sub theme. There were two other affiliate sites and The latter two sites were built using Amity Island theme from, but I had to change it so much in the end I realise for me now that it is always easier to start from 'scratch' with Zen and work up from there. Thanks Zen Sub Theme!


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