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Marketplace & Donation System Integration to OA?

I am totally new to OA and really flashed by the fascinating Opportunities it gives.
We are planning a new worldwide Social Network with it.
Therefore we also would like to integrate a Shopsystem inclusive a Donation-System into OA for many social projects we´d like to startup.

My question: Is it possible to integrate a give dsitribution like Ubercart or Commerce Marketplace? If so, ist there a proper way how to install it to the given and already installed OA Distribution?
Thanks for any answer advance.

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Can Drupal Go Pro? Products, Marketplaces, and SaaS

Robert Douglass initially crated a lot of buzz about this topic via his now famous Tweet several weeks ago. The purpose of the tweet was to croudsource a community response to a concept and to build tension for his upcoming presentation in Brussels about the topic.

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