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Drupal for Cities Month: June 2011

This June we will celebrate the first ever Drupal for Cities Month.

Drupal for Cities is a month dedicated to building knowledge and sustainable community around using Drupal for cities and municipal government websites and projects.

Get involved
Start Thinking & planning
If you are interested in participating, join the conversation now. Think about what project you might like to lead, or what you would like to get out of the month. (Let us know if you will be at Open Gov West in May.)

Announce what you will do

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Can Drupal Go Pro? Products, Marketplaces, and SaaS

Robert Douglass initially crated a lot of buzz about this topic via his now famous Tweet several weeks ago. The purpose of the tweet was to croudsource a community response to a concept and to build tension for his upcoming presentation in Brussels about the topic.

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