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Open Atrium

Hola a todos!

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Content section creation outside a customer sub-space


Am using OA2 and I have a general question that seemed to have stumped a couple of the guys that I work with.

Basic setup - OA 2 with the need for a client support ticketing system.

Here is how the site is constructed

Main Space (SUPPORT HOME - Access Public)
The support space for all clients to access, features here include a support wiki's/documents (content) sections.

The clients support pages, holding section for the creation and viewing support tickets.


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Spaces & Groups inheritance & permissions

Apologies if this is redundant with other documentation out there, but honestly, I've scoured every source of OA documentation I can find and can't come up with a clear answer on how to set up a very basic site in terms of spaces and groups.

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How to format the content view?

I followed this webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfStOxR9p0s

In it, Mike Potter walks you through how to create a new content type, make it atrium-aware, and then create a view to list that content type. Then he creates a new section type for the new content, and adds the custom list view to that section type.

Mike did a great job and I was able to follow along fine.

At about 30:20 in that webinar, he shows how the newly-created piece of content is displayed a very "raw" way, un-formatted data from the content fields being spit out on to the page.

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Make a Group a Space Member

I am wondering whether there is a way to make a group a "member" of a space. For example, if I have a group to which all employees belong and I have a space for information relevant to all employees, how do I make the "All Employees" group a member of the "General Information" space?

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User Dashboard

Is there a way to make a user's dashboard not accessible to other users?

Thank you,

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Drupal Developer | Lucrum Net Solutions

Employment type: 

Looking for Drupal Developer on contract basis for our new site based on Open Atrium.

We are looking for people have extensive customization experience in OA. Also should have knowledge of theming. Please mention URL of the projects you worked on.

Please send your CV to webbus@ymail.com

The project is for an Indian Website. We are looking for people based in India only.

Note: We welcome freelancers also who have good experience of Open Atrium. Freelancers should be able to work for minimum of 16 hours a week.

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User Contact Form

I need a way for members of a space to contact each other. I thought this would be a simple thing, but either I'm missing something, or it's not so simple. I tried to enable the contact module so I could use the personal contact form, but enabling it messes with the site. It removes the user administration page. Is there a way for one to send a message or an email to another user?

Thank you,

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Can't Upload Files

I am setting up an Open Atrium site for a local non profit and everything seems to be working correctly except I cannot attach files to tasks, discussions, etc. When you select the attachment button the screen just scrolls to the top. I can upload a file through the administrator interface though. I do get this error message in the server logs but it does not tell me anything of value.

[Thu Jul 24 12:09:20 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/rascl861/public_html/406.shtml, referer: http://www.rasclondon.ca/ga/general-assembly/ga-tasks/test-task

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OA2 and OG Menus -- Limits?

I noticed that for OA2, organic groups adds each user-created space to the OG menu and gives them weights, -50 to 50. After 101 groups, does this become a problem? If I were to have a site that had over 1000 spaces (groups), how would this work?

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