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Preview Edits NO Captcha & Vocabularies

1. Is there a way to DEACTIVATE the Captcha Function on the Preview post.
(In the creation of a group)

I'm NOT Saving my edited post yet. so i don't think i need to be checked if i'm a bot. At least I'm making Previews 1st before making a save. So that should relieve the Junk Data storage in the History and Server Functions.

2. While your at it; it would be nice to have the in Create etc... Be a Default HIDDEN. like the "Input format" & "File attachments" a lot of junk TAGS are being created in the [ Sitewide tags: ].

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Proposed posting guidelines for the NYC Drupal Group.

To follow up on the poll about keeping posts on-topic:

The majority of folks that had an opinion want us to keep posts in this group on-topic and believe that we should pay attention to the signal-to-noise ratio of content in the group.

Below is my suggestion for posting guidelines to help people self-moderate what they post to the group.

This group exists to facilitate discussion about topics that directly relate to the New York City drupal community. We ask that posts stay on-topic, and relate to both drupal and New York City.

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