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I new I had a question to ask at the meet-up this week.

HI all

I knew I had a question to ask at this weeks meet-up! It must have been the engaging conversation that distracted me and I forgot to ask ;o)

Anyway, I have a request from a client - they want to be able to make changes to existing nodes on their website, but they don't want the changes to go live. Instead they want to be able to save a preview of the amended node that they can pass around to the rest of the staff for further changes/approval. Once all the changes have been done and approved by everyone, she then wants to be able to apply those changes to the live node.

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Preview Edits NO Captcha & Vocabularies

1. Is there a way to DEACTIVATE the Captcha Function on the Preview post.
(In the creation of a group)

I'm NOT Saving my edited post yet. so i don't think i need to be checked if i'm a bot. At least I'm making Previews 1st before making a save. So that should relieve the Junk Data storage in the History and Server Functions.

2. While your at it; it would be nice to have the in Create etc... Be a Default HIDDEN. like the "Input format" & "File attachments" a lot of junk TAGS are being created in the [ Sitewide tags: ].

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Wireframes for Content Staging System

Here are the attached images and PDF of the wireframes we've been working on related to this project. Take a look! I'd love to get some eyes on these and some feedback on the designs.

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View Discrepancy

My feed item(s) view, per the preview function:

...versus the actual result as produced in production:

It doesn't appear the CSS is obfuscating the layout. Clues?



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Usability: panel pages and preview button

Preview functionality is known feature of many publishing systems: it's intended to show exactly how your content will look like before publishing. With nodes displayed in Panel Pages there is issue that panel layout can be quite complex, and sometimes you can't have same display in Panel Page and in preview (without spending too much effort). Basically, to have same display one would have to code that complex layout in node template too, in addition to Panel lauout template, or have some way to render Panel display in preview.
How do you solve that problem ?
Is it possible to render Panel page in preview in place of node template ?

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Theme switch and selection on multi-site management

Hello guys,
I'm very glad to see you here.

The problem I came across is: I need to develop a CMS for the admin. The admin has several sites to handle, each site having its own theme. The admin requires a simplified theme when he manages these sites. So I creat a light one and put it into the sites/all/theme/ folder.

But now, the admin says when he 'preview' the node in the 'edit' page, the node and its original theme should be present. In other words, the 'preview' window should take an another theme that different from the current one the admin uses.

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