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Preview Edits NO Captcha & Vocabularies

1. Is there a way to DEACTIVATE the Captcha Function on the Preview post.
(In the creation of a group)

I'm NOT Saving my edited post yet. so i don't think i need to be checked if i'm a bot. At least I'm making Previews 1st before making a save. So that should relieve the Junk Data storage in the History and Server Functions.

2. While your at it; it would be nice to have the in Create etc... Be a Default HIDDEN. like the "Input format" & "File attachments" a lot of junk TAGS are being created in the [ Sitewide tags: ].

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Using D7 to build a Thesaurus for use by > 1 Application/Website

An idea I am presently working on is building a simple Drupal site to provide a controlled vocabulary to other Drupal sites as well as non-Drupal applications in D7.

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What is the best taxonomy layout for this site?

I have a website which will have 7 different categories. Each category has between 1-60 terms underneath it. Should I make 7 vocabularies then or make only one which has a hierarchal structure underneath it with the 7 parents with their terms underneath?

I'm trying to save some space on the content type form since I don't want 7 drop down menus everywhere. Ideally, I'd like to have an autocomplete box which has a controlled vocabulary...

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