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Preview Edits NO Captcha & Vocabularies

1. Is there a way to DEACTIVATE the Captcha Function on the Preview post.
(In the creation of a group)

I'm NOT Saving my edited post yet. so i don't think i need to be checked if i'm a bot. At least I'm making Previews 1st before making a save. So that should relieve the Junk Data storage in the History and Server Functions.

2. While your at it; it would be nice to have the in Create etc... Be a Default HIDDEN. like the "Input format" & "File attachments" a lot of junk TAGS are being created in the [ Sitewide tags: ].

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JSON server - problem att få "" att fungera med cck-fält


Testar att använda Drupal som backend server där jag sparar information via jQuery Ajax anrop mot JSON servern.
Jag har problem att få '' att fungera med cck fält och undrar om någon av er som lyckats bättre.
Följande node objekt fungerar:

 {"type":"mytype","title":"My Title","uid":1,"name":"admin"}

Men försöker jag lägga till ett cck fält så får jag problem. Exempelvis följande node objekt lyckas ej sparas:

{"type":"mytype","title":"My Title","uid":1,"name":"admin","field_author":"[{\"value\":\"Sigge\"}]" }


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The mystery of and how to save more of a complext node with cck fields

Over the last few days I have been trying to figure out how to properly use the services function to save more than just a simple content type such as story which has just a title and a body. This I can do w/o any issues. The issues that im trying to figure out is when you have a content type lets just say only these fields right now

content type photo
* title
* body
* field_my_photo -- cck imagefield

--- fid i already had from

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correct parameters for and to create a new node with a cck imagefield?

OK, have got working with jsonrpc post content like:


and a subsequent with jsonrpc post content like:

"field_image": [ {"0": {"fid":"25"} } ],
"title":"test node",

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iPhone + JSON + services + drupal - problems with and

I have two issues I am hoping someone can assist with.

Running Drupal 6.16, services 6.x-2.0, json server 6.x-2.0-alpha1.

Have API disabled, sessid enabled.

Can connect, login and retrieve/parse views and nodes with node.get and views.get.

but have no luck with and

example = method=""&sessid="aeufrgi2kk1tm1ra8rfacg9et5"&node="{"uid":"5","title":"newcontent","type":"mytype","name":"testuser","body":""}"

the user can create content via the web site with these values, but via the services call they get:

"#error" = 1;

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Python code using XML-RPC to create a node and upload/attach a file.

I've searched the web looking for something more than a "create a node" example for Drupal Services. There are some good examples for Flash/Flex and some bits and pieces in Python or PHP but nothing that helps me to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Since my client is planning to develop a cross platform application that interacts with their Drupal site, I thought I would create a sample app in Python - just to show the Flash, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry developers how the Drupal Services API works.

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java example anywhere?

I have a java client up and running using org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcClient as client lib and a current drupal 6 with services via xmlrpc enabled. I already can connect, login, logout and even loading a node works.
Authentication is done via sessionID, API-key is disabled.

Now for the problem: i can't get the to work. I give the function two parameters, the session and some structure. What java type equivalent is there expected?

HashMap<String,Object> hmSave = new HashMap<String,Object>();
hmSave.put("type", "pruefsumme");
hmSave.put("title", ivFileList.get(i));
hmSave.put("field_crc32", ivCheckSumListCRC32.get(i));
params = new Object[] {
Object oSave = client.execute(WS_ACTION_SAVE, params);
System.out.println(WS_ACTION_SAVE + "\t" + oSave);
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node save using as2 and swx


I've just posted some swx as2 code as i'm having some issues with saving nodes via swx. I thought post a link here too as i'm still kind of green with services in drupal so my issue might not be with the swx module and just my logic in how the node save service works.

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