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No welcome emails using Aegir 0.4 Alpha 8

On Aegir 0.4 Alpha 5, I received "Welcome Emails" from but not with Alpha 8. Is this a know issue? Is there a work around? - Thanks!

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Turnkey Linux Appliance Contest

Hi all,

Just read the following blog post and it made me think it would be pretty cool to have an Aegir Turnkey Appliance. Anyone interested in working together to create one - the docs seem pretty comprehensive and they even have an example tklpatch which adds Drupal 5 to their LAMP server.

Obviously if it gets into the contest and wins proceeds can be split as agreed prior to submission ;). I was thinking it would be a pretty cool addition to the aegir project?

Any thoughts?


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What kind of multisite security issues are their with php filter enabled?

Hey all,

I am wondering what kind of hacking a person could do on a multisite environment if php filter is enabled? Can they access other sites?

If so, isn't this more than a "php filter" issue and also any cck field (since you can do php stuff in their also) is also a hazard?

If there are issues, how do you host many sites on the same aegir server for different users (who want full access to drupal) if they can potentially hack into other sites?

Sorry, thats a load... just thought about it.


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restore a site backup thorugh drush command

we run a nightly sites backup thorugh command line and doesn't show up in the Aegir admin , i would like to restore a site backup thorugh drush command any ideas ? thanks

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Install profile detached from site

I'm trying to add a domain alias to my Aegir site (the one I installed when I first installed Aegir). When I edit the site node by adding my alias and saving, I get the error: "Please fill in a valid profile."

The profile appears to be correct though. Again, on the site node, profile is "hostmaster".

For some reason, I thought it might be some kind of permissions thing, so I did

sudo chown -R aegir:www-data /var/aegir/hostmaster-0.4-alpha7
sudo chmod -R g+w /var/aegir/hostmaster-0.4-alpha7
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Introduced an "example" module into Aegir.

To illustrate how the new Services API works I wrote a new "Example" feature for Aegir. (ui) - (backend)

The front end contains a dummy hosting feature (enable under experimental), that when enabled exposes a new "example" service type.
When editing a server node, you will be able to enable the 'basic' implementation of this service type on that server.

The front end includes all the methods necessary to load, save and display the service information, including showing how to pass this
information to the backend to enable your new service.

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Multi-site Apache Solr...

I came across this link in an rss feed and thought this might be nice to roll in when using mercury with aegir.

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Exporting Packages (Themes and Modules) From SVN

I store all my updated themes and modules in my SVN repository.
How can I get Aegir to recognize my themes and modules from an SVN repository, so I can use them to migrate a new site?

Example of where a theme is stored:

Example if where my themes are stored for a specific platform on my aegir server:

EDIT: Changed theme path

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Cannot run initial cronjob setup

I am setting up Aegis on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.04.

I have had complete success up until I get to the step (in install.php) labelled: Initialize the Hosting System.

When I run the commands in this step, more specifically, when I run:
php /var/aegir/drush/drush.php --uri=http://localhost hosting-setup

It completes successfully, however, as soon as I refresh my browser, or attempt to continue through the install in my browser, the url invalidates, and returns a message that 'install.php' cannot be found.

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Cannot set FileETag none:/

cannot set directive

FileETag none

have tried various locations, from httpd.conf to various files in /var/aegir/config/ - seems that apache is just ignoring this line. Any other apache options and configs works. Writing to this group, because on the non-aegir server (different one) everything is fine. Servers are not 100% identical, but I cannot understand what is causing webserver to ignore this... YSlow reports, that it is not enabled on all files.

Apache 2.2.x prefork
Pressflow latest with
Aegir 0.4 alpha7
PHP 5.2.x latest from IUS, as mod_php

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