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Share images across multiple sites

We have a multisite with a large number of sites (hundred plus). Editors would love to share images between each other so they don't need to re-upload them again and again.

Do you have such challenge?

How do you solve it now? Is it worth of solving?

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Meet Druml - multisite management tool


I would like to introduce Druml (, which is a Drupal multisite management tool. It simplifies deployments of code and allows to perform various tasks for multiple sites. It can run in multithread mode. It integrates with Acquia. You can also extend it with custom functionality as you want.

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Drupal Multisite Dev with single site production and git

I support a number of D7 sites. Most of them share a common theme, the modules in use in each site can vary.

To save space and sanity, I set up local multisite on my dev box. In test and production all of the sites are single site installs. I have little or no control over this decision.

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Clean URLs not working Multisite setup, IIS 8.5, Server 2012R2

Hi Folks,

New to Drupal and I'm having a problem with clean URL's in a multisite setup.
-Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5
-Drupal 7.38

I can create a blank dummy site and no issue enabling clean URL's.
However on the multisite setup I have no luck.

The physical file path is as such:
C:\inetpub\wwwroot\"drupal"\sites with all the individual websites in the "sites" folder.

In IIS all the subsites have individual sites that physically point to the parent (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\"drupal")

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Double question regarding OA + multisite + Open Directory integration

Hello to all members,

One of our customers, currently using Drupal (single site), is thinking to create a new collaborative site. We are trying to convince him that Open Atrium can be just the ticket, instead of using Microsoft Share Point.

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Multisite installation (subdirectory url)

I have two existing live sites running drupal 7 ( and --> /en automatically selected for english language) and I want to unite them with subdirectory urls with seperate databases. I am following Drupal documentation for installing multi-site#subdirectory. In order to make the symbolic link I need to have ssh access to the server to run the commands. But my hosting service informed me that I am not allowed to remote access. Does anyone know if there is any alternative?

Thanks for the help!

Up to this point the steps I followed:

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Drupal Web-Architekt (Fullstack) | IWF Web Solutions

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Not allowed

IWF AG: unsere Agentur


p>Unsere Angebote in Politik, Kommunikation, Networking und Technologie machen uns zu einer schlagfertigen Full-Service-Agentur. Dienstleistungen und Produkte aus diesen Bereichen bieten wir bedürfnisgerecht separat sowie in Kombination an. Kunden und Mitarbeitende schätzen die Qualität unserer Leistungen und profitieren von der Stärke unseres Netzwerks.



Web Solutions: unser Team

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Setting up a new site under multisite and building it PRIOR to changing the DNS listing for the previous version of the site

Hello All,

There is probably a very simple answer to this that I am overlooking; but here goes.

I have taken over managing an existing live site ( and need to start working on its replacement.

I've started a hosting account at Arvixe and setup Drupal at a 'dummy' domain and have configured and gotten multisite up and running. A second domain is already running in multisite under that dummy domain.

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Creating copy of Site in Multisite

I am planning to starting using multisite on my server and I had a quick question for the group. I have over 200 modules enabled on my exiting site, as well as various content types, etc. I will need almost all of this functionality for my new site so I am thinking of replicating my existing db into a newly named db using phpMyAdmin. Once it is running, I was thinking I could simply delete the old content (users, added content, etc) using Views Bulk Operations.

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Using Multisite for Performance/Scaling Reasons pt 2

Hi All!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday period :)

I've been thinking a lot about using multisite to reach the outcomes I desire in terms of performance/redundancy, and have firmed the concept up into the attached diagram.

Having never actually used multisite before I'm still coming to grips with some aspects, but as far as I can see there's no reason why I can't easily share nodes, users and sessions between the sites? Whilst allowing me to have certain modules turned on only for some subsites and not others?

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