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SEO/SEM必备之“百度统计”/ Improved SEO/SEM in China with Baidu Analytics integration

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百度目前占据着最大的中文搜索引擎市场份额(超过5亿用户), 百度工具的整合应用已然成为中国Drupal网站的重要装备。
百度统计模块是现在针对网络营销人员的最全面完整的开源解决方案, 可用于基于百度的流量优化。了解更多

Since the Baidu search engine is leading current largest country's search engine market (more than 500 million users), improved integration with Drupal has become a high stake for gaining more adhesion in China.
The Baidu Analytics module might now have become the most complete Open Source solution for Online Marketers to work on traffic optimization for the Baidu search engine. Read full English version.

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