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options for SKOS integration in Drupal 8

Hi! I am trying to investigate the options for exposing existing SKOS thesauri files in Drupal 8.
Functionality that I am looking for is:
1) Being able to use the SKOS thesaurus as a taxonomy for the drupal site.
2) Providing user-friendly access to the SKOS thesaurus, including free text search.
3) Keeping the original URIs intact.

Additionally, I think a SPARQL endpoint for the SKOS data would be welcome.

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Part-time Web Designer at University of Washington

The University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences is hiring a part-time (60%) web visual designer. All of the College's sites are developed with Drupal.

This position is responsible for the creative concepts, layout, and UI design on a variety of communications projects in web and digital formats and will collaborate closely with web developers, marketing communications specialists, faculty, and administrative staff. Complete posting here:

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iPhone から投稿すると画像が横向きになってしまう

Drupal 8を利用しています。

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Markdown and Media embed integration in Drupal 8

Decide on a standard approach for embedding media in Drupal 8 when authoring in the Markdown format.

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O que podemos melhorar no site da comunidade portuguesa?

Queremos melhorar o site da comunidade portuguesa http://drupal-pt.org
Para isso queremos as vossas ideias e contributos.
A proposta é fazer uma reunião de kickoff segunda, 10 de Abril pelas 21h com os seguintes objectivos:
- saber quem tem disponibilidade e interesse em participar

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Joomla to Drupal8 Migration

We are trying to migrate website from joomla 3.4 to drupal 8. We followed this Tutorial , but could not able to succeed in migration. And came to know that Drupal default migrate module will only support drupal 6, 7 to drupal 8.

Can any one suggest on this.

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Bootstrap3の Customize and download サイトで生成したファイル群について



Customize and download http://getbootstrap.com/customize/ で文字色や背景色、ブロック間隔などを設定・変更でき、それらの変更結果を 最下部の Compile and Download ボタンで書き出すと、

bootstrapフォルダ --- config.jsonファイル , cssフォルダ , fontsフォルダ , jsフォルダ







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The Future: Drupal 8 or Backdrop

I have a couple of local clients in VT (one is a PEG station) who are running Drupal 6 and are in need of an upgrade/overhaul. I was thinking setting them up with new Drupal 8 sites would be the best thing for them rather than Drupal 7. Drupal 8 code is really different and too OO and complex/abstracted for my tastes and skill level. Drupal 7 is fully developed and has all the goodies at present, but it might not be supported in 5 years, whereas Drupal 8 probably will be.

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Power of Drupal. Finally in English!

Find out all the answers to the most common questions about Drupal!
- Why Drupal?
- And why not another CMS or just PHP?

See the video: https://youtu.be/LMzlsit1Hjw

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Trao đổi kinh nghiệm và phát triển module trong Drupal 8 !

Xin chào cả nhà Group DrupalVietnam ! hiện tại Drupal 8.2 đã bắt đầu bản Beta . Nếu ai có kinh nghiệm hay cần trao đổi về Drupal 8 thì hãy cũng nhau chia sẻ mọi người về những tính năng, tối ưu và phát triển module + theme Drupal 8 nhé ! Chúc nhóm luôn phát triển mạnh mẹ và Drupal ngày càng phát triển tốt để phục vụ anh em đồng bào IT Drupal !

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