Tourism Industry Solutions

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For the discussion of and showcasing of drupal uses for the tourism industry. Such as Online Booking engines, e-marketing and more.

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Drupal Blogs vs. WordPress

I am doing preliminary research before hiring so if anyone could help educate me that knows the answers to this, please chime in. I have a Drupal 6 website. My first question is this. Are there any serious drawbacks to upgrading to Drupal 7 other than the money I have to pay to get it done? Are there benefits?

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medical tourism agencies

Anyone doing medical tourism? any resources, suggestions?

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A list of requirements for the typical web-site for travel company


Everyone, please, post your requirements here. I'm in the process of creating drupal distribution for travel industry and want to cover top "most wanted" features.


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Module for Hotels or Venues

I have been working on a hotel module for creating hotel / venue information (name, address, contact info, facilities, maps, photos, etc.) for a travel guide. While creating it I have been thinking about how to abstract the node type / module to display information about any sort of venue: restaurants, shops, bars, museums, whatever.

Has anybody out there done (or is doing) something similar? Given the large amount of travel / destination / city guide sites based on Drupal out there it might make for a handy general-purpose module.

What do you think?

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List Your Websites!

How about listing some website or projects--built of Drupal--that are related to travel and tourism? Let's see what kind of cool sites the Drupal community is turning out that are related to travel!

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Tourism Solution

I am also interested to create a tourism site for my country by using drupal with all features .

Is there any site developed by using drupal

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