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This group reflects a desire to support co-ops in Drupal.

Drupal is increasingly being used by co-operative organizations. While initially many co-ops have started working with Drupal in isolation, it has become apparent that we share similar needs, and that there is great potential to demonstrate the 6th principle: Co-operation among co-operatives.

Potential objectives for this group:

  • A base install (w/documentation) for co-ops to manage members, assets, duties, etc
  • Development or sponsorship of modules specifically aimed at co-operative needs
  • Sharing of themes, schemas, use-case writeups, etc.
  • Involving co-ops in the Drupal community: Camps, cons, training

...and more! (You may also be interested in the gdo groups for CSA, and Drupal Worker Coops)


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How to implement user accounting and point payment.

Hello everyone, we are running a food cooperative in Thessaloniki, Greece, and we are in the processes of setting up an ordering system using Drupal.

We have not decided between Ubercart and Drupal Commerce yet, we are still testing both.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas about the following:

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Who is this group for?

Hey all – I was excited to see a g.d.o group for cooperatives, but this group seems very much geared towards consumer cooperatives (like food coops) rather than worker cooperatives who do Drupal work (which is what I was hoping.) Do folks think there's room for both, or should this stay focused on the Drupal needs of consumer cooperatives? Either way, I think the group name and description should be improved so the purpose of the group is more clear.

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Drupal Cooperative to create and manage projects

I always liked to create and manage drupal projects, but it's a high time consuming task for just one person. If you work for a company you can lern a lot and it's also nice but you finally don't own the money and the work. That's why I would like to set up an ¿international? cooperative. It can allow us to work for us and do what we like.

¿Any ideas or previous experiences?¿Payment/earn methods, bug/tickets systems, managment?


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National Cooperative Grocers Association accepting applicants for full-time Web Developer

Not really my job to post, but getting more Drupal folks involved in the NCGA could only be a good thing.

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A shout-out for og_mailinglist, drupal based mailing list with email+web interface

I'd like to draw some attention to work being done by Kyle Mathews over on that (IMHO) has a great deal of relevance to co-ops & activist groups. He just released the first beta, and while I don't have the expertise necessary to contribute on a code level, I would love to see it continue to mature status.

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Shift scheduling module

Hi. The description of your group says that the first module you're working on is for shift scheduling. I actually developed a similar module recently, and I thought I'd post in case you're interested. It's currently being hosted at

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demo sites?

hello. i joined to find out more info on drupal and coops.
has anyone designed a coop site yet?

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