Darryl from Poverty's Demise .Org is putting together a collection of modules which will form a starter site for anyone wanting to move over to Drupal from their traditional charity site.


We will be having a hack-a-thon on Oct 25th. Check the event page for more details.


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PDO Project Development Plan

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Hey Folks,

Today, I am happy to publish the PDO Project Development Plan, which includes detailed site maps, a suggested module listing, and other information for developers helping out with PDO... (yes, there is a beer in the near future ;-) The team and I expect and welcome questions from all, hence the creation of this group, so feel free to make comments, offer suggestions, and/or ask questions at will. You can download the PDO Project Development Plan with this link:

[Updated Sept. 21st, 2009]

The PDO prototype that you all saw during the presentation will be re-launched in Drupal about this time next week, but in the meantime the prototype can be found at www.povertysdemise.org. Also, if any of you missed the presentation and would like a guided tour... just let me know and we'll make arrangements. ;-)

Thanks in advance for all of your efforts and patience.


"The world changes when one believes it can be changed. The depth of the change is only limited by one's own belief."

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