A group to address the unique needs and uses of drupal for law enforcement agencies.


To facilitate discussion and collaboration about the unique and special needs of law enforcement and the use of drupal. This group is for local, state, and federal as well as international law enforcement groups. This also includes prison and jails and their unique needs as well.

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Patrol Installation Profile

I'm working on putting my intranet pass-on installation up in an installation profile. It should be coming soon!

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North Dakota Highway Patrol Uses Drupal

On the Drupal for Local Government, DouglasT just posted news that the North Dakota Highway Patrol has switched to Drupal.


Great job.

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Brevard County Sheriff's Office Uses Drupal

I posted this in the Drupal for government group as well, but I wanted to share what I had done for the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, using Drupal for a local, mobile intranet site:


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Drupal in Colorado Prisons

As the first discussion for the group, this article talks about using Drupal in the Colorado prison system


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Local governments using Drupal

This is meant to be a resource/reference list of municipal, district, department, county and other local government agencies/departments currently using Drupal. If you know of one not on the list, please add it.

A listing of



  • national (federal and state) governments using Drupal
  • intergovernmental organisations using Drupal
  • public libraries using Drupal
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