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Drupal Developer | Centrum Informacji i Rozwoju Społecznego

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Poszukujemy osób odpowiedzialnych za budowanie i rozwój portali, serwisów internetowych oraz aplikacji biznesowych opartych o CMS Drupal.

Zakres obowiązków:

  • konfiguracja i wdrażanie projektów opartych o Drupal CMS
  • pisanie modułów
  • tworzenie szablonów


  • znajomość CMS Drupal 7 (rozeznanie w modułach; umiejętność instalacji, konfiguracji)
  • dobra znajomość PHP + MySQL
  • znajomość CSS 3, HTML 5
  • samodzielność rozwiązywania problemów jak i umiejętność pracy zespołowej
  • odpowiedzialność i profesjonalne podejście
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Meta data on media


We are investigating media approaches for our migration to Drupal at Brighton & Hove City Council. We've run into some issues trying to combine existing meta-data on media with browsing and choosing media to insert in content. Can anyone help advising which combination of modules we need?

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Drupal migration cost figures for local government

When you are tackling a new Drupal migration, sometimes it is useful to have reference points for what other projects have gone though. For that, I've scrutinized the case studies, the Acquia examples, and everything else I could find. However what I'm not finding much data on is what various Drupal migration projects (for government) have cost, or are projected to cost. In this era of "Open Government" this data should be as accessible as the stories of all the great new features that Drupalized government sites have--the data is in the public record after all.

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Drupal for Cities Month: June 2011

This June we will celebrate the first ever Drupal for Cities Month.

Drupal for Cities is a month dedicated to building knowledge and sustainable community around using Drupal for cities and municipal government websites and projects.

Get involved
Start Thinking & planning
If you are interested in participating, join the conversation now. Think about what project you might like to lead, or what you would like to get out of the month. (Let us know if you will be at Open Gov West in May.)

Announce what you will do

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Modules especially useful for local government

We're going to be switching over to Drupal in 2011, and I was wondering if any of you were utilizing any specialized modules that you found especially useful or helpful as a local government?

For example - I searched government and modules and found "Fill PDF" - which apparently lets you fill out forms right on the screen and then e-mails it out. That would seem pretty useful for a government situation where having residents filling out paperwork is a fact of life. (If you're using this and it works well, please let me know).


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Drupal Engagement on GovLoop


I just wanted to make everyone aware of the Drupal CMS Club group on GovLoop. We have almost 100 members at this point. Now that I have some time to focus on Gov 2.0 engagement again, I would be thrilled if anyone from this group joined and engaged in conversation on the site.


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Do you know a local government using Drupal? Please add to the listing

There is a listing of local governments using Drupal. It would be great if people could add more examples. Currently, we have 130 local governments from 27 countries on the list.
See: http://groups.drupal.org/node/24119

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We can make the NC Legislature move to Drupal

I have friends in geeky places, like the Information Systems Department at the NCGA (our legislature) and I've been working them for a while now on switching to Drupal.

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Grants for local govt. agencies to install a Drupal website?

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is a public transportation agency in northern California. As with most transit agencies in the US, we are having funding challenges.

We would like to switch from plain old HTML to Drupal. Are there any grants that would fund design, installation and creation of a Drupal website for a local government agency, including moving old content to the new site?

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North Dakota Highway Patrol Uses Drupal

On the Drupal for Local Government, DouglasT just posted news that the North Dakota Highway Patrol has switched to Drupal.


Great job.

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