Showcase sites by type

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Do not remove any sites from this list. Just add and order sites as the best show cases for each category. Do not change the categories, they have been selected through a survey of over 1000 respondents. Only add sites that are better than the best in each category.

Here is the list of sites we are going with for the showcase:
* Adult - ExtremeGrabber
* Community - Team Sugar, Business Objects Diamond Community, AOL Developer Community
* Corporate sites Adobe - Flex showcase, Sony Playstation Asia, Yahoo research
* Intranet - IBM internal conference, Bestbuy Blue Shirt Nation, Yahoo (no link)
* Education, Harvard Science, Edutopia, Georgia Tech Research Institute,Firststep
* NPO - Indianapolis Museum of Art , Open Architecture Network, Amnesty
* News - New York Observer, soon
* Social Network - Popsugar, Ourmedia, Matador travel, IncBizNet
* Applications - Line rider, Sugarcrm, Civicrm, Playwidgets
* Faith - Vintage Faith Church, Drupal Church Sites
* Advocacy - Big Ideas at Berkeley
o Open Source - Ubuntu, Spread firefox, Fosdem 2008?
o Politics - United Nations - End Poverty Campaign, Hillary Clinton
o Culture - Electronic Frontier Foundation,
o Environment - Lets Green This City, Post Carbon Institute
* Media - Gallery Forums, | Project Opus
o Music Jennifer Lopez, Warner Bros Records, Sony BMG Musicbox
o Radio Air America Radio, Canal Extremadura Radio
o Television Lifetime TV, MTV UK, Discovery Channel, Canal Extremadura TV
o Podcasting and Vcasting twit tv, Ask a Ninja
o Movies Fox Searchlight
* Event - Kentucky Derby, NASA conference collaboration
* Forum - Typophile
* Blog -, urlgreyhot
* Retail
* Government -, List of Drupal Government sites