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How big is the Drupal market?

Hey, guys. How are you?

I am Brazilian and I have a Drupal Shop. I'm studying new strategies of action for my business outside Brazil. The question is: How can I measure the size of the Drupal market in the US and Europe? Where can I find informations about community growth, growth of Drupal Shops, acquisitions, investments etc?

Thanks in advance.

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Drupal market survey

The German Drupal Association is currently developing a market survey, targeting all people who
* (try to) make a living of
* are thinking about specializing in
* are corporative users of

We're aiming at gathering valid figures for more solid arguments on various occasions (lobbying activities, negotiations, promotional activities ...)

If anyone or any community fragment has ever outlined a similar survey, we'd be glad to compare and share.

Please contact

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greggles's picture growth statistics 2012

A little while ago Jacob Singh and Gerhard Killesreiter did some work to gather some growth statistics about Here's that data and some analysis of it (see attached Open Document Spreadsheet for the raw data and some pivot tables of the data).

  • We can see a big bump in registrations in January 2011 - Go Drupal 7.
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Who are our "mindset" competitors that we need to overcome?

Who are our "mindset" competitors that we need to overcome? (For example, "I think Drupal has a steep learning curve.")

Don't try to narrow it down to a single big one. Let's ger them all ou on the table.

NOTE: If ou agree with someone, simply +1 their comment. Don't feel the need to add your own story if it is largely the same as what has been shared.

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Who are Drupal's competitors and what do they do particularly well?

I've done some basic research on this topic. Please contact me directly if you would like for me to share the Google doc with you. This is very hush, hush!

But, the discussion here should center around who are the competitors and what do they do really well?
How do they position themselves in the market?

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Who is Drupal's target group? What are their demographics? Psychographics?

NOTES: This is a step in a planned Branding exercise that is outlined here:
Brand Strategy Purpose and Workflow

We are basing this entire thread on this simple idea: The purpose of undertaking the branding of Drupal is to accelerate the adoption of Drupal.

Which begs the question: Adoption by who?

Who is our target group? What are their demographics? Psychographics?

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Created an audit of Drupal collateral that exists in the world so everybody can find it.

Update: Please use this form on the Association site: Drupal Collateral Audit

Go here and submit any Drupal-related collateral that you can find. Once we have a good list going, we'll create a permanent home for it on d.o. Thanks!

This is a great opportunity for free publicity for your firm!!!

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