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Is Drupal the right tool for and the project itself?

Just started a discussion about it here:

The promise of Drupal vs. the reality

The first thing you read when looking for 'drupal' in google is:

"Drupal is an open source platform for building amazing digital experiences. It's made by a dedicated community"

Are we making an amazing digital experience? You tell me...

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New Branding and Marketing Committee Chair Needed

Hi all,

Our former marketing and branding committee chair Betsy Ensley has changed positions and has stepped down as chair.

So we are once again looking for a new branding and marketing committee chair to help drive activities according to the committee charter.

The committee has set up this simple form where people can self-nominate to be chair:

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Welcome Betsy Ensley!

Great news, we have a fantastic new Marketing Committee Chair! Following the process outlined in my previous post, the Drupal Association board has approved Betsy Ensley as the new Chair effective immediately.

Betsy has been an active contributor to the Drupal community for more than 3 years with experience coordinating Drupal Camps and events on the East Coast and Pacific Northwest.

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New Marketing Committee Chair Needed

After more than two years of effectively leading the Branding and Marketing committee, Ben Finklea is ready to transition to a contributor role on the committee. Let’s hear it for Ben!

This means the committee needs to identify a new chair to help advance the committee charter:

The committee has set up this simple form where people can self-nominate to be chair:

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Marketing Collateral Wiki Page

The Drupal Marketing Wiki is an open source resource for anyone involved in the marketing and selling of Drupal services. The goal of this page is to provide a central location for sharing Drupal marketing collateral. Please post marketing items about Drupal that you think other marketers can use to help spread the word -- i.e. whitepapers, eBook, webinars, and short videos.

Tip: items added to the page should be designed for easy sharing. Printer friendly is good, revisable format is better, when it comes to multimedia then the digital assets or links to the assets themselves.

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Videos/screencasts needed on how to use the DrupalBAM projects & issue queues

Please see:


blockquote>In order for the Drupal Branding and Marketing Committee to be successful, the group and four associated projects need to be used in order to split what needs to be done into manageable components, just as the Drupal project itself does for the software side of things.

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In the Virtual Enterprise Network book which I'm taking good bits from and altering according to needs - Ken describes six critical roles people play:

  • architect
  • broker
  • coach
  • technology support
  • executive leaders
  • group leaders

over two major areas:


  • market
  • community
  • capability


  • campaign
  • product
  • projects

People play different roles at different times, or as the Party people would say "hats".

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Help debug broken pagination links on "The Marketing of Drupal" group

The pagination links at the bottom of this group are broken. However, pagination is not broken for other groups on GDO. This is preventing people from getting a historical perspective of the marketing efforts by the Drupal community over the last several years.

I suspect this has to do with the home page. If you are interested in helping to debug this issue I can elevate your permissions in the group to do so.


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Group Home Page Layout

I'd like to gather thoughts for what you'd all like to see on the homepage of this group so do please let me know. The Drupal 8 mobile initiative has a good looking front page, I just went there as catching up on DrupalCon videos and webchick mentioned mobile initiative would like some help on the UI and I'd like to direct some people to the info and it made me think ours is still bare - but early days!

Feel free to post ideas/links/etc., I have some other stuff to attend to, and I understand many are away this weekend so thought I'd get the ball rolling.

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The Marketing of Drupal Group Redesign v1.0 Released!

Well, not an official version but now thanks to lots more help from tvn which ended in me updating a bit of documentation on how to customise group pages as it was out of date -

Have a look around the tabs and click on the quick links, this is the best I can do for a start. There may be a way to get latest issues automatically listed, we're looking into it.

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