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DrupalGapps framework = Google Apps Integration with Drupal using Google Apps API

This Group aim to push development and provide a platform to discuss DrupalGapps : Drupal Google Apps Framework . Currently the project is under development.

DrupalGapps framework = Google Apps Integration with Drupal using Google Apps API

Here is here the First discussion of the proposal

Please post any queries regarding Google Apps integration with Drupal.

Also if you are implementing Google Apps at your college, university, office,etc and also implementing Drupal , you may want to integrate them , e.g Google Apps with University's learning management system built over Drupal, etc. DrupalGapps Framework is what you need. We would love to help you out in the process if you need any help.

Also if you have worked on Google Apps integration with Drupal while working on some project , share your story here.

[Proposal] DrupalGapps - GSoC Doc Sprint Summit

What is the project about?

DrupalGapps is a contributed module for Drupal. The project aims at achieving seem-less integration of Google Apps in Drupal.

DrupalGapps is a framework for Google Apps and Drupal integration. It strives to provide API for integration of Google Apps’ management and applications APIs like Admin Settings API, Migration API, Calendar Data API, etc.

DrupalGapps is a contributed module for Drupal and is available at http://drupal.org/project/drupalgapps.

Status of the project:

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I wished to connect two views. ie . supply the output of one view to the input to the other view.
For eg.

Suppose I have created a vocabulary project members.And I add two terms to the vocabulary male and female.Now i create 5 nodes of story type and tag them as male and female.
Suppose I have entered(Sudeep,Sudarshan as Male and Pallavi,Menka as female)
Now first page of view should show


then when I click on male it should show
Sudeep (Node Title to be connected to its node)
Sudarshan(Node Title to be connected to its node)

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