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Please use this group to discuss the implications Googles new product, Wave, will have on drupal.

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Online Matchmaking Site In Drupal on Amazon Cloud

Hi All is at final stage of completion, It is an online matchmaking site for graduates worldwide based on Drupal-7. It offer a platform for professionals and accomplished people to meet with other like minded people. USP: Profiles are verified and then displayed based on an individual’s merit.

It contain tons of custom module other than core and contributed ones. Some of them are like
2)LoginToboggan Rules Integration

Your suggestions are welcome

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Drupal 7 search hook

We are working on site like and we want to implement search hook for profile. We used custom multi step form( Not CCK) and we have around 130 fields in profile section. Search form should have 2 to 15 fields. e.g.
1) search for "Country"
2) Age between 20 to 25
3)Mother Tongue etc

If I understand correctly drupal search uses two tables a)search_dataset and b)search_index
So we can't use date between or other conditions like we do in non drupal search.

I have not implemented views hook for our custom multistep form yet.

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Amazon S3 with video streaming

I installed Amazon S3 and its working fine. Now we have to do streaming of video I think adobe ( will be best choice. Is there any streaming module(D6) for amazon ?

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First impression of Google Plus

Totally Awesome!
29% (42 votes)
At least it's not Facebook
18% (26 votes)
At least it's not Google Wave
6% (8 votes)
I wish it was Google Wave
4% (6 votes)
Waiting for my friends to join
8% (12 votes)
Cautiously Optimistic
26% (38 votes)
3% (4 votes)
6% (8 votes)
Total votes: 144
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Drupal 7 implemention

Hi Guys

How is going drupal7 implementation ? can you tell us how many site you roll out in D7 ?
We tried for few sites but due to CCK and some more modules e.g. Drupal Commerce we back to D6.

I am curious to know other developer review.


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How pass node id as view argument used as filter to select the nodes in a CCK node reference

I have a view that selects a subset of book child nodes of a given type, where the parent book id is passed as argument. This works fine when I pass a given nid as parent book id in the view preview.

I have a CCK node reference that uses that view under Advanced - Nodes that can be referenced (View), selecting the created view under View use to select the nodes:.

How can I pass the nid of a specific node with an instance of the node reference field to the view under View arguments, which just says:

Provide a comma separated list of arguments to pass to the view.

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creating view

I need help in creating view.

I have two content type(profile and patient_services ) reference nid to connect two are nid and field_patient_service_reference_nid.

I need to display data from both table
where content_type_profile.nid = content_type_patient_services.field_patient_service_reference_nid

Please let me know how to get this result.

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Best drupal chat module for Live chat


Is any chat module where customer can interact with site administrator without login.
Example you can see on here many customer can talk with one or many sales support team.

I implemented few module but not satisfy with result e.g. DrupalChat work after login only

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multisite with SEO(sitemap.xml)


In which folder we need to keep sitemap.xml, google and yahoo site verification code files if we are using multisite concept ?

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Core Search returns Access denied

On I am searching keyword "drupal web development"
getting below result for first two page
Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.

on 3rd page I am getting results. Do I need to change anything in setup for it ?
I am using core search only

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Drupal Writer | Drupal Connect

Employment type: 

We are looking for experienced Drupal fanatics that would like to write blog posts for us. For this position, we are only looking for part-time writers who are looking for a little bit of extra income. If you are an experienced Drupal Developer and have a passion for writing and teaching others, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Rich -

Title for the job: Drupal Writer


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Web developer - Php/Apache/Mysql (m/f) | Jornal Ocasião

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Web developer - Php/Apache/Mysql (m/f)
Ocasião Lda. - Almada

We're currently seeking a mid-level Web developer.
Must be skilled with PHP and Drupal.

As a Web developer, we are expected to do development, testing and implementation of websites features.
Focus on maintaining usability and website maintenance.
Effectively work collaboratively or solo.
Ability to offer input on information flow.

We prefer experience in building Drupal Sites, write custom code, apply themes and enhancing modules.
Fluid knowledge of CSS/XHTML layout.

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Wave just released to the general public

Good news to everybody: Google Wave is now available to the public!

Just today, the platform everyone was waiting for is now here. We should get to work now that Wave is out. Any ideas?

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Google Wave for Drupal Staging

I have an idea for how Google Wave may be useful to Drupal.

We have a client's website which is busily running live on the internet. We have a copy on our dev server to which we are making structural changes.

But before we put the updated site on the live server, we will have to "sync" up the live site's activity (new comments, calendar events, webform submissions, etc...), which is a pain in the ass. It seems that there isn't a very good solution to this problem that's widely accepted.


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manage business

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Google Wave invites to share

I have a number of Google Wave invites that I'd like to pass along to Drupalists. Send me your e-mail address if you want one. You should get notice from Google within 24 hours if I get your info before I run out of available invites.

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Who wants to go surfing?

UPDATE: To all of you who have requested an invitation from me, I want you to know that I have forwarded your invite request to Google. They usually respond to this nomination within a couple of days. If you do not get an invite email from Google by November 24, 2009, let me know. Remember to send me your FULL name with email addy (private or public, I don't care). By the way, I still have a couple of invites, but they're going pretty fast. Let me know if you're up for surfing.

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Federation Protocol -- it ain't just Google servers anymore

Google Wave has been generating a lot of excitement among Drupal developers and there are very good reasons for this. Back in July 2009 or so a handful of Drupalistas, including myself, were privileged to play in Google's Wave Developer Sandbox. In early October 2009, a public preview server was opened to allow many more developers an opportunity to kick the tires on this new vehicle of communication. Most people checked it out for maybe an hour or so, liked what they saw and then moved on to other business.

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We have some ideas on drupal and wave integration, also a new module is available

I used to think of publishing a new module "Drubot" on behalf of Ethos Technologies at first, but it's still in early stage, and seems here's a better place to discuss and merge. :)
see for code.
Note that Drubot is not working alone, but with a google wave robot, will give the robot code repo url later. :)

Some descriptions copied here for your convenience:

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x | x

Employment type: 
Part time

Already looking at Candidates

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