Meeting module development

Drupal as yet lacks a really complete, comprehensive meeting module. This group aims to expand the functionality somewhat.

Ideas are being fleshed out on the wiki at the moment, feel free to get involved!

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Is this group dead?

I'm really interested in a general purpose scheduling/meeting module.

Since I'm a newbie to Drupal, perhaps I've just missed the obvious and this capability is present in some core/common feature. If not, here is a quick/partial wish-list for me:
- Meeting/scheduling should be able to named in an hierarchical manner (or be a true hierarchy)
- Good calendar front-end
-- Include ability to mark ranges of dates/times
-- Include ability to cite preferences for certain times (scale 1-N)
- Individuals (Users?)
- Groups
- Resources
- Email notifications on changes and pending events

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Environmental site available for beta testing good Meeting modules

We are doing a lot in the way of meetings, conferences and webinars on the topic of sustainability, in particular green building. If any developers want to work with us on implementing a possible meeting module, we certain can provide some in field opportunity to work through the ideal solution. Perhaps there are other end-users who may find our needs similar and can join in creating a shared budget to offer some talented developers to really concentrate on a solid solution.

thank you,

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Meeting about 'meeting' :)

Hey, should we maybe hav an IRC meeting soon about this? While we've got a few wiki ages going, I think it'd be good to co-ordinate.

This has just made me think some kind of availabilty thing would be good too where people put in their available days and the software works out what day is best :)

Anyway I'd say in the next few days to keep this thing rolling. what time zones are people in? I'm GMT. We should find a time that suits everyone. I'm free most days at the moment apart from sunday. Can people list their availability for the next week, and maybe any relevant IM information?

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Attributes of an Agenda


The one moderating the meeting


Combination of physical location, IRC Channel, URL

Start Time

and all associated confusion regarding timezones

Collection of Agenda Items

Thoughts on how to attach multiple Agenda Items to an agenda:
1) Agenda could be a CCK type and Agenda Items could be a fieldgroup
2) Agenda could be a CCK type and Agenda Items could be another CCK type added through Subform

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Attributes of an Agenda item


Reference to a meeting group

Link to the relevant meeting collective (noderef)

Estimated Duration


A short description of what will be covered, and what, if any decisions/outcomes are desired. Could include a link to a project issue


The person(s) responsible for this portion of the meeting

Pre-meeting Content

Possibly a set of charts, or even a pre-recorded screencast that the presenter plans to use to help get their message across

Post-meeting content

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Desired functionality

Call this a wish list! These should then one by one be given their own wiki pages.

  • Action point tracking and assigning to users in a super-easy way everyone can understand. This then gives meeting groups some long term continuty and accountability of what's actually happened, and lets people that don't have time pass things on to other people.
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Roles and user stories

The implementation of a good meeting module will be greatly simplified and enhanced if we make a list of the roles who will be interacting with this functionality; after which, for each role, we can say how they interact: the way they will use, or interact with the meeting: the use cases, or more informally, user stories.

So, how about a starter list of Roles:


The one moderating the meeting
Should have the final say over editing, time restrictions, agenda items and so on. Also will want to be ultimately in control of minutes?


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