How to share filesystem across multisite/subdomains

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My situation is:

I have a website, i want to mirror this site completely except for the theme so that in apache i can direct mobile devices to where they can use exactly the same site but with a mobile optimised theme.

I know there are numerous mobile modules out there but they suffer from caching limitations, ie, when a page is accessed from a computer, that same cached page is sent to any subsequent requests, including mobiles.

I know there are also domain/subdomain modules out there also but they are overweight for what i need.

I currently have my main site and a subdomain '/sites/' which has the theme folder and settings.php which points to the main database.

I can access and use both sites, the problem is that all links on the original main site are relative so when i access the site via, it will try and display files/content from instead of where the file actually resides.

is there a way to rewrite all file access links from to

I would like to achieve this without adding yet more bulky modules if anyone has any ideas? I'm trying to make this as lightweight as possible.

I suppose this would also have to cover file uploads too.

Many thanks!


Isn't this just a matter of

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Isn't this just a matter of using multiple themes? I do this on the Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club website:

Main site theme
Accessible theme:
Mobile theme:

The theme selection is done with a bit of code I found on here somewhere (sorry I forget where, but I'm not claiming the credit!) that sits in settings.php:

$parts = explode('.', $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']);

if(in_array('mobile',$parts)) {
$GLOBALS['custom_theme'] = 'mobile';

else {

if(in_array('accessible',$parts)) {
$GLOBALS['custom_theme'] = 'high_contrast';

else {
// use usual theme


The Pathologic module may

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The Pathologic module may achieve what you're looking for.

The other way to do it

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Would you not be able to move default file location to /files or somewhere similar instead of sites/ where both sites share the location and get the files referenced without the fully qualified link?

Have a look here, there are some references to files issues with multi-site setups