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Herkese Merhabalar..

Aklımdaki siteyi drupal ile yapabileceğimi sanıyorum ama bilgim çok az olduğu için gözümde canlandıramıyorum ihtiyacım olan çözümleri..

Yapmak istediğim proje kısaca şöyle;

Ana domain bünyesinde hedef sektördeki üye işyerlerini kategorize etmek, listelemek vs istiyorum. (bununla ilgili şu an için bir sorum yok sizlere)

AMA listelenen işyerlerinin linklerine tıklandığında,
ziyaretçileri/kullanıcıları o üye işyerlerine özel olarak oluşturduğum subdomainlere göndermek istiyorum..

ÖRNEK ANA DOMAİN => www,hirdavatcilarrehberi,com

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Setting Clean URL's with SSL (https) for the backend and http for the front end when Drupal is in a subdirectory/ subdomain?

After reading various documentation on the subject I figured out how to possibly do this. I started a write up in the documentation, and placed it under technical review. Are there people with knowledge on the subject who want to take a look at it? This to ensure that there are no mistakes.

The url is:

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Users, Permissions Accross Subdomains


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How to share filesystem across multisite/subdomains

My situation is:

I have a website, i want to mirror this site completely except for the theme so that in apache i can direct mobile devices to where they can use exactly the same site but with a mobile optimised theme.

I know there are numerous mobile modules out there but they suffer from caching limitations, ie, when a page is accessed from a computer, that same cached page is sent to any subsequent requests, including mobiles.

I know there are also domain/subdomain modules out there also but they are overweight for what i need.

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Clean URL's on a sub domain and one-off's

I had a very interesting learning experience regarding Clean URL's and a subdomain. Try as I could I just could not get Drupal 6-X to pass the clean URL test. After much Googling and very little SERP's on the subject I finally found (or was shown) what the answer could be to fix this vexing problem.

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Automated subdomain creation

I have a requirement where as soon as user creates one site using aegir hosting tool, system should automatically create 2 subdomains of that site. For instance, if some user creates a site called in the aegir hosting tool UI, system should automatically create 2 sites and All three sites, and should all share one DB with many tables (about 190 tables) being shared across all 3 sites and few tables (around 50) being independent through table prefixing option.

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Multisite - conf_path modification

Hello, I'm a newbie in the world of web-design, and 3 month ago I had an idea of a site which i now what to put it in practice. The great idea:

  1. 4 domains
    • domain1.tld
    • domain2.tld
    • domain3.tld
    • domain4.tld
  2. 6 subdomains, the same 6 for each of the domains
    • subdomain1.domainX.tld
    • subdomain2.domainX.tld
    • subdomain3.domainX.tld
    • subdomain4.domainX.tld
    • subdomain5.domainX.tld
    • subdomain6.domainX.tld
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Point additional domain to a sub-site

I have a multi-site installation like

  • (default)
  • →

Now, I have an additional domain, which shall be used for So, when a user enters, he shall be redirected(?) internally(!) to So, the user shall not see any redirection and he shall not be able to see, that the site is available at, too. →

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Extern länk för inloggning


Om jag inte vill ha någon inloggning på min sida utan helt enkelt kunna nå inloggningen från en annan subdomän, finns det någon smidig lösning då?


publik sajt:

Antar att om jag bara har en site som är så kommer bägge adresserna mappas dit, men hur avgör jag om det är administrationen man vill åt och inte den publika sajten.??

Tack på förhand! :D

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how to handle single site config including subdomain

I'm moving my existing corporate site (html) to Drupal and want to include what had been three Wordpress installs in the single Drupal site (1 blog and 2 podcasts). I've got it all pretty much worked out ... except that one of the Wordpress installs lives in a subdomain.

I want to include that content in the main Drupal site/database so it can be indexed with everything else. The question: how do i accomplish this without setting up a second site pointing to the subdomain directory?

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