Drupal 7 books?

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So, my father-in-law gave me Using Drupal for Christmas, I already have it though. Wondering if anyone could suggest another good book? He also gave me Cracking Drupal. I was thinking of maybe getting my hands on a Drupal 7 book? Anyone here have any experience or recommendations?


Front-End Drupal?

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Are you a developer or themer? If so then I highly recommend checking out Front End Drupal by Konstantin Kafer and Emma Hogbin. It's an essential read I think for anyone who does stuff with the theme layer in Drupal.

Cracking Drupal for Drupal 7

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For what it's worth, Cracking Drupal is basically already updated to Drupal 7 because most of the ideas and code examples in the book are still true. There's a few things (Database API, Render API) that have changed and which so far seem like they will reduce security issues. However, people may end up using them wrong and creating new vulnerabilities.

My publisher hasn't yet said whether they want to release a new version of the book for Drupal 7. If they don't I'll just write articles on CrackingDrupal.com to fill in the gaps. I did that for cross site request forgeries which I didn't have time to cover before the publishing of the book and then just released later.

So, you can read/buy the current edition knowing that it's pretty good for Drupal 7 and you should get access to free articles that cover any Drupal 7 specific materials. And then some day those may get expanded, edited for clarity, and incorporated into the next edition.

Drupal 7 Books to consider

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I have found these books helpful as I'm building a Drupal 7 site right now for a client.

Drupal 7, Packt, Mercer
*The basics

Pro Drupal 7 Development, Apress, Tomlinson
*Developer stuff

Drupal 7 Module Development, Packt, Butcher
*Developer stuff

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