New "Flot Charts" Style Plugin for Views lets you manually enter JSON options

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I decided to drop the flot_timemode plugin and move it in a much more flexible direction. flot_charts has the "Flot Charts" style plugin which now has a cleaner Views UI, an option for setting the x-axis to "mode: time", and for the ultimate in flexibility I've added an option for manually entering the JSON bound for Flot's option parameter in the .plot() function. "Manual Options JSON" was added because I don't expect to have time/need to create Views UI for every possible option in the Flot API but figured I would leave an override option open for myself/others that might want to have more control of their Flot charts.

Check out the code on GitHub:

I have a number of features I want to work on for the Sensor Hub project ( and will post my "Flot Charts Road Map" on a Wiki page in this group.


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