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Multiple Charts in a Single View

This is a bit of a hack, but I'm experimenting with ways to get multiple statistics charts into a View. I know I could just write function calls to charts.googleapis directly, but I like the way the Quiz charts look and I was hoping to be able to leverage them easily. The chart I'm particularly interested in (for this View) is the "Status" piechart.

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Field analytics

Check out for another way of analyzing on data for not only Drupal nodes, but any fieldable entity type.

As a class-based field reporting API, Field analytics makes it easy to add additional reports per field type.

There is a submodule for Highcharts included (tying with the new 7.x-2.x Highcharts API), which adds charts visualization to the default tabular reports. This submodule is a good example of how to extend Field analytics with additional reporting on field usage and data.

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Non-node data visualization in Drupal?

So, Drupal's great for visualizing nodes — you create a View, grok your data and boom, you're done. But what if you have a massive data source that would create a thousand — ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million! — nodes if you imported it as-is?

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If you want to make charts automatically from a Table in a Drupal page...

IF YOU LIKE the following auto-charting program: Shown working on: and
the screen shoot of a similar auto-graphing page (this one with the Pie chart),

and if and make sense to you.


To make the program work on YOUR pages:
and unzip it. Upload the resulting visualize folder to your

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Happy to announce the first release of the Highcharts module.

Producing mobile-ready SVG/VML charts and graphs without flash.

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New "Flot Charts" Style Plugin for Views lets you manually enter JSON options

I decided to drop the flot_timemode plugin and move it in a much more flexible direction. flot_charts has the "Flot Charts" style plugin which now has a cleaner Views UI, an option for setting the x-axis to "mode: time", and for the ultimate in flexibility I've added an option for manually entering the JSON bound for Flot's option parameter in the .plot() function. "Manual Options JSON" was added because I don't expect to have time/need to create Views UI for every possible option in the Flot API but figured I would leave an override option open for myself/others that might want to have more control of their Flot charts.

Check out the code on GitHub:

I have a number of features I want to work on for the Sensor Hub project ( and will post my "Flot Charts Road Map" on a Wiki page in this group.

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Graphing Data over TIme in a Scatter Plot still unsolved. My notes and the new Flot Timemode Views module.

I'm looking to fulfill the use case of using Views to display a scatter plot of values over time. I've tested many modules but have found none that are able to achieve this. I've filed a number of bug reports and support requests in the process. If anyone can achieve this, I would love it if you would export a Feature module that demonstrates this. In general, it would be great to see maintainers use Feature modules to show what use cases their code does fulfill. I've gone ahead and forked the Views integration for the Flot module and created the Flot Timemode Views module ( but this is still far from ideal. Attached are my notes to save anyone else looking to accomplish this some time. Please feel free to point out problems with my notes.

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Der Charts?

I'm having a very difficult time getting my head around charts in Drupal. What is the best module to start with? I've tried them all but can't seem to figure them out. I've been trying to read all I can find, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to read. Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places?

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A new standard in Drupal charting

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New module proposal, userpoints history view

I worked in a module time ago (since charts is available) to provide a graphical view for the user point 'history'.

In my setup (a gaming site) having such a view like this (the attached image) would provide more sense of "award" for each point a user gets as they all requested. Finally I did a quick integration with chart and userpoints to just provide the graphical evolution of the user's points.

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