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This is a page to keep track of resources that are available for Drupal developers working in a Windows environment.

  • Drupal 7: Drupal version 7 provides a database abstraction layer that makes is possible to use databases other than MySQL
  • Internet Information Server: Microsoft's IIS now provides FastCGI support, PHP as an ISAPI extension, and support for URL-rewriting that makes it suited to hosting sites powered by PHP.
  • SQL Server: Microsoft's SQL Server is an enterprise-class database that is now available as a free "Express" version. If you use the Express version, you can migrate to the more powerful enterprise-level versions. It is also possible to integrate the Express version with existing enterprise servers behind the firewall.
  • WampServer: WampServer installs Apache, MySQL, PHP, and some helpful tools so you can run Drupal 7 using a "WAMP" stack.
  • Visual Studio: If you are a developer working in a Windows environment, you probably already know about Microsoft's Visual Studio. There is a free versions that are available for web developers.
  • Vs.PHP: This is an add-in for Visual Studio that provides breakpoint debugging for PHP while taking advantage of the Visual Studio development environment.
  • PHP: PHP is the language in which Drupal is written. If you are developing modules for Drupal, you'll have to learn PHP.
  • CodeLobster: A new, feature rich, PHP IDE on the scene with very good support for Drupal and Wordpress among other CMS and Frameworks. CodeLobster Review
  • WebMatrix 2 Beta: A free web development tool from Microsoft with support for Drupal. Contains an IDE for PHP.

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