upgrade acquia drupal to latest acquia drupal version or latest drupal version on windows

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Hello again,
I've successfully installed acquia drupal 6.19 on windows 2k3, but I don't intend to subscribe to acquia drupal support.
I've upgraded it to drupal 6.20 on a test machine, though I get an (not that bad error) on running localhost/update.php ,

wondering if web platform Installer can be used to upgrade installed packages ( drupal acquia, php and mysql ) ?
or should I upgrade manually to latest acquia drupal version ?

Thanks taking time to reply



Drupal 6 upgrade

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Drupal 6 can only be upgraded manually.

Drupal 7 is supposed to have an automatic upgrade like the modules but I still prefer the manual method as I have more control and I can back everything up first.

Reference Acquia Drupal, it is just a distribution with some well chosen modules, some of which activate on install. These extra modules reside in the profile folder (not in the sites/all/modules folder). I prefer to just see what Acquia is using as a basis for preferred modules and just copy just what I need into the normal module location.

If you are testing a preferred scenario, it is quite easy to create a distribution for yourself with the modules you normally use. Just take a look at the standard installation profile in Drupal 7. The standard.info file lists the modules to be activated on install. Any modules that you've added to the sites/all/modules folder can be referenced in the .info file.

If you want any content types or text formats, there are good examples in the standard.install file as well.

That said, if you don't want to go to the trouble, take a look at the features module instead.