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The current project (module, theme) page could do a better job of supporting both a site builder (someone choosing modules to use when building a Drupal site) and a module maintainer (someone responding to feature and support requests and planning a roadmap for future development hopefully with the assistance of co-maintainers). We'd like to find a way to support both these audiences better.


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Code standards compliance status in module page

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a coder module output available in the module page ? This could be an extra indicator of the module quality and also encourage contributors to follow the coding standards.

Like it ?

(In a nutshell: coder module analyzes any module's source files and reports minor/normal/critical warnings. It generates a detailed listing of all warnings and this summary: "Coder found 1 projects, 24 files, 3 critical warnings, 1 normal warnings, 0 warnings were flagged to be ignored")

This idea is inspired in this core issue.

I've made this proposal which

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I've made this proposal which I think would help site builders discover useful modules:

Many projects on have formed ecosystems around themselves, because they are extensible. Eg: Views, Drupal Commerce, Domain Access, and so on.

Sometimes these projects provide a list of related or helper projects in their project page, or in documentation pages, but these often end up being out of date because the people who maintain the ecosystem projects don't know about them or don't have access.

A partial solution to this has been the inclusion of some ecosystem terms in the 'Modules categories' taxonomy, but this has problems of its own:

- need to add more terms as more projects develop an ecosystem
- terms don't link back to projects

What I propose is that we let projects link to other projects:

- add a flag to project nodes that marks them as an 'ecosystem hub'
- add a noderef to project nodes that lets you select an ecosystem hub for the project.

So for example, Views would be flagged as a hub, and EVA would point to views.

Then on project pages we'd see:

- on a hub page, a block listing all projects that point to this node, ie all those in the ecosystem
- on an ecosystem page, a link or a block (design TBD) that says 'This project is a part of Views'.

(originally posted at

There's a patch for this now,

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There's a patch for this now, which needs review.

Community vote on ideas for

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Community vote on ideas for 2014 roadmap is going on this week. Here is an idea to vote on if you want to see this implemented:

Only 18 Votes

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But useful discussion. And simply becomes something isn't a priority for the DA for 2014 doesn't mean that there can't be a lot of progress on this issue by the community pushing ahead issues that affect

Anyways, I hadn't seen this Notable page so wanted to post this here:

Related issue about project rating

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Lots of discussions about ranking modules in the links on this page.

I'm not sure what other issues on d.o address the organization of the project pages, but wanted to add this link to

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