Business Analytics and Reporting

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Project information

Project page on
Student: Dominik Kiss (nodestroy on d.o, on g.d.o)
Mentor: Matthias Hutterer (mh86)
Co-mentor: José San Martin (José San Martin)

Current status: conceptual work, basic coding (project infrastructure, info files, entity design)


This project is about creating a generic logging and reporting solution built upon available Drupal 7 technologies. The main parts are a storage system for raw site-dependent data, a charting solution to provide rich visualizations and finally a reporting system which provides reports about the current and past state of the site. Based upon the provided data a site owner should be able to make data-driven decisions and to hand over well presented reports to other people. (full description)

(raw) Project schedule
- till end of May: Storage system ready (defined entity types, coded custom field, tested storage system)
- till mid of June: Visualization system ready (charting tool for timeline based charts, views and field formatter integration)
- till end of June: Reporting system ready (integration with panels, dashboard for users)
- July: Default System logging, testing, testing, testing.
- August: buffer time for bug fixing, theming, documentation

Project schedule
- added project page
- 10.05 - administrative tasks (documents for google, wiki page,...)
- 10.05 - meeting with Matthias. skype conference with Jose.
- 19.05 - basic coding infrastructure (module folders, info files, development environment,...)
- 19.05 - coded entity datastore and domain, UI for domain handling
- 24.05 - added simpletest for domain handling
- 25.05 - coded custom fieldtype
- 26.05 - added storage system to field (removed default field handling, implemented save function for mysql)
- 03.06 - coded simpletest for field
- 04.06 - coded testing module for default system logging
- 08.06 - views implementation for custom field
- 08.06 - 25.06 - university work
- 27.06 - 07.07 - vacation
- 20.07 - finally fixed GIT config
- 20.07 - added raw structure of visualization
- 29.07 - patch for rules bonus pack
- 01.08 - installed and tested several charting tools. raphael seems fine, but has some serious drawbacks (e.g. pie chart with 12 data values). currently using google charts api for testing.
- 03.08 - using google charts api as style plugin, created default views for system logging. fixed line chart to show correct scale on y - axis
- 14.08 - trying to fix last bugs like
- 14.08 - added taxonomy use-case
- 14.08 - added documentation
- 14.08 - project description + dev release
- 18.08 - fixed



Pun's picture

Would this be able to take data that users have entered, and create the reports back to them?

Example - Custom content with integer fields (hours) and project

would it be able to make a chart show how much time they spent on task?